Walt and Vincent!! ????

First of all, wheres Vincent gone??

And, why did they make such a big thing of Walt being special, creating the opinion that Walt was going to be a big part of what its all about! Surely they shouldve brought him back for Season 6!

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5 thoughts on “Walt and Vincent!! ????

  1. well where the hell is bernard and rose? they havent run down screamin “you screwed it all up for us” yet

    The writers have said they are having a hard time finding something for walt bc of his age

  2. At a panel, they said they would “fit Walt in” either in or by the finale. This gives me hope that they definitely plan on explaining the kid.

    Pesky adolescence was around the corner for the actor who plays Walt. Although couldn’t they have just attributed his aging on the Island over a few months to the Island’s energy? Kind of a “Honey, I Age-Accelerated The Kid” thing? 😉

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