Richard – scruffy once

Hi, this may be a previously spoken about subject but….
Does anyone have any idea why in Bens passed Richard looked like a temple dweller all scruffy and long haired. It cant be how he looked when he was ‘freed’ from the BLACK ROCK cause that would have been at least 200 years ago and ben is not that old!
Then when he took shot ben to the temple he was clean cut and smart! this was prior to living as a Dharma after the purge! so why would he have been so clean cut living in the temple when apparently he was scruffy before!???
There must be a reason they showed him like that just once!??

Any thoughts?……..

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4 thoughts on “Richard – scruffy once

  1. Maybe at that time he was living in the temple (everyone there is in scruffy clothes) and maybe the second time he was living in the jungle as the adviser guy which we have always known to be clean cut?

  2. #2 -I like that idea as well, but doesn’t Smokey only have access to dead people’s appearances? I definitely think that it was Smokey who appeared to Ben in the form of his mother and that was really Richard in the jungle do the old “Others” trick of looking like original inhabitants (remember Mr. Friendly and crew? Also when the tallies killed those two others they were dressed similarly, no lables and nothing in their pockets) Well, looking back, obviously Smokey knew Ben was a candidate (his name is crossed out in the cave), so he knew that Jacob would reach out to him and the most likely way would be through Richard (just like Locke (tried to get him when he was young as well)).

  3. Anyone ever consider that it was simply just a costume, similar to the fake beards and clothes worn by the others to make the losties think they were, as Michael said “worse off then we are”

  4. Joshcgs – you have a good point. I think that the “others” always used costumes until Kate discovered the fake beards…but, how does it help them to pretend to be “worse off” when in fact, thinking that “advanced” people are on the island is more frightening than a bunch of yahoos!?

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