What does Flocke want with Ben?

What does Flocke want with Ben? Why did Flocke approach Ben as he was digging his own grave? I can see a few possibilities:

1) Flocke was being honest when he said that he wants Ben to run the Island.

2) Flocke somehow needs Ben on the Hydra Island, e.g. for beating Widmore.

3) Flocke is mainly interested in weakening Team Jacob by making sure that Ben is not part of it. Perhaps Flocke somehow suspected that Ilana wouldn’t kill Ben after all and that there was a significant probability that Ben would then again become part of Team Jacob.

4) Flocke just wanted Ben to shoot Ilana and thereby weaken Team Jacob.

5) The whole thing is somehow a test, giving Ben a chance to redeem himself by resisting Flocke’s temptation.

What do you think?

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