Christian, ruler of the Island.

It seems like something’s missing in Lost these days. We’ve spent many weeks now waiting and watching two sides begin to form. We still don’t even know what the sides are truly forming for. Is the purpose really just to see who can become the new leaders of each side? Sounds rather anticlimactic. Once a candidate is crowned, what happens? More decades/centuries of drama on the island? I think there’s more to it than that. In fact, I think there’s more to the island than just two sides battling it out.

It’s been frustrating lately trying to pinpoint who Jacob and MIB really are. Dogen has brought to our attention that Jacob does extremely similar things to what MIB has done. They both lead people in certain directions and make deals with them in order to get ahead in this game/war, whatever the hell that even means anymore. These two seemed to have equal power before Jacob’s death, hence the scale in the cave. However, SOMEHOW there are still rules that MIB must abide by according to that young man we see running in the jungle.

Why would rules still matter at this point? Jacob’s dead. Doesn’t that alone tell us that someone of a “higher rank” is still watching over everything?

Yes, Jacob and MIB have been the biggest mysteries since the last episode of season 5. But let’s not forget that Christian was literally the first “disappearing ghost” to appear in this show only a few episodes into the first season. Whatever the writers decided to come up with in the past few years to end this show with, they have written Christian into the main mix from the get go. In other words, from the moment this show was created, there’s a good chance Christian was going to be in the final episodes all along, no matter what else was going to be written in all the years before the end. The main reason I think this to be true: We are nine episodes out from the finale and we still have no clue as to who or what Christian really is.

I’m obviously no longer thinking that Christian is either MIB or Jacob, or anyone else for that matter. We’ve been shown signs that he can act like either of the two. Christian can possibly travel using smoke much like MIB. Sun and Frank hear Smokie and see trees moving right before they encounter Christian in Dharmaville. Also, the “smoke” detector goes off in Jack’s hospital right before Jack sees his dad in the waiting area, which incidentally freaks Jack out and helps him consider going back to the island. Knowing all of this, Christian could very well be leaning on the darker side with MIB.

On the other hand, Christian says he can speak on Jacob’s behalf while in the cabin. He also appears to Michael right before the freighter explodes to basically let him know that he can go now. It was as if Christian knew all along that Jacob gave these losties that “gift of not being able to commit suicide” in order to fulfill their purpose on the the island. Maybe Christian was telling Jacob who to bring to the island in the first place……….Anyway, Christian obviously can’t lean on both sides of the spectrum at once here, so my idea is that MIB and Jacob have been played by Christian just like all the losties have been played by MIB and Jacob. There are many instances that include Christian over the years that I’m not going to get into for the sake of length and insane boringness.

To backtrack a bit, it’s interesting to think that Christian was possibly telling Jacob who to bring to the island all along. Christian encountered many of the losties before 815 crashed, and was the dad of at least two of them, so I would think it’s quite possible.

Jacob seemed so powerful and “all-knowing”. But if Jacob always had an “equal” adversary in MIB, he therefore wasn’t the one controlling everything on the island. Jacob was just doing his part, and he seemingly still is even after death.

I’m gonna stop here because I have no ideas about any motives or reasons for Christian is up to if he is in fact pulling the strings. “Recon” is also on tonight, so I hope the episode doesn’t immediately throw out the possibilty of any of this.

I understand there are many other things to consider with what I’ve said. Christian’s disappearing coffin being just one of them. I’m not in the mood to get into the specifics right now, but I’d love to see everyone else thoughts on all this.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

48 thoughts on “Christian, ruler of the Island.

  1. Absolutely wonderful theory…Love the idea of Christian as this person…great topic, and I have a lot to say about this…

    5stars…nice to see a theory from you Chief…

  2. Id like to start by saying that I always took that Cabin reference as MIB actually playing Jacob…almost like he is thinking “this is too easy”…

    thats about the only bad thing I can say about any of this.

    It goes against my recent thought that Christian is the MIB, but I do like the idea of him being completely seperate from either.
    That is something I said before I started on the Christian is MIB hoopla…still not sure which side Im leaning…your thoughts here help…

    Christian is the key to the whole damn show really…his mystery is higher on my list than anyone elses…

    Its hard for me to not buy into Christian actually being one of them…all the references to each other throughout…Jacobs connections with Christian make more sense…but there is still something about MIB and Christian…

    The main reason why I dont think Jacob is Christian…I dont think Jacob takes other forms…period…I dont believe that is his way to be deceptive…which leaves me with my thought of MIB being Christian…or yours of his own entity.

    I like the idea of a showdown of Father/Son…Christian and Jack…but I really like the direction you took this in.

    Here is my only thing…I believe Christian is at least on MIBs side, if not with him.
    MIB seems to know what people are thinking…its obvious as the monster he can at least then read thoughts…so if Christian is his own, MIB must know about him because he of course would know his “friends” “father”, right?

  3. That in no way means that I am saying that Christian could not still be his own entity, just because MIB knows about him…just maybe what side he is on…

  4. Chief…I will continue this conversation with you in about an hour…this is a great idea, and right or wrong I feel it is one of, if not the most important mystery on the show…again nice job…see you in an hour…

  5. I’m totally behind you on this.
    I’ve always, ever since the beginning thought of Christian as a person of grave importance.

    And as I true to point out as often as I can – if you watch the Lost Missing Peices(youtube it if you havent seen them – Final eisode)

    Christians first appearance was to no other than Vincent!
    Christian calls to him in the jungle(wearing his suit btw)and Tells him to go wake up his son Jack because: “He has work to do.”

    the last seconds show – Vincent waking up Jack – right after the plane crash – pilot episode!
    And I think we all can agree that to this day one of the bigest mysteries of Lost is – how and why on earth(or whatever) Jack is lying there, knocked out, but unharmed.

    I’ve been trying to puzzle with Christians part in the bigger picture of Lost, because I truly think(and it would actually dissappoint me if I’m wrong) that he is a big key.

    First of all as pointed out by Cheifof16
    he encountered several of the Losties before, and as far as we know, maybe even more of them. And as far as his death – I’m still not convinced. After all. Locke”Jeremy Bentham” hung himself, “right”?

    I’ve also been thinking about when Hurley first finds the cabin and peeks through the window – he sees a suited Christian in the dark and is then startled by the sudden appearence of an Eye, and runs away.

    I’ve never been able to let that go, and feel that is somehow a key moment(by the simple fact that we(more than Hurley) were shown them) If the writers simply wanted to show Hurleys abillity to find the cabin there would have been no need to show who/or 1,5 of them – was inside, right?

    A suited christian – with someone else.
    That has to be important.
    There tons of other things, but I’m too tired right now, someone keep the ball rolling

  6. A.E.S. – I’ll tell ya, if Christian IS part of one of the two sides, I’d totally agree it’s MIB’s. As you pretty much stated, there’s plenty of more evidence to go that route than to say he’s with Jacob. However…

    To think that he’s on one of the two sides really just seems to throw an imbalance into the show. It just wouldn’t feel right that Christian is adding weight to either side of the scale so to speak. I know that’s just opinion, but there just doesn’t seem to be room for Christian to be partnering up with either of the two.

    The whole “Christian being the ruler” thing is rather new to me, so it’ll take some time to gather any evidence to support it.

    AngiveL – I totally forgot about that mobisode. Yep, Christian’s telling Vincent that Jack has work to do. Could be MIB for all we know…..but it’s gotta be Christian. Smokey would have turned into a giant talking raw hide if he wanted Vincent to listen to him.

  7. ….And I wish I could figure out how Christian’s able to raise Jack in the initial timeline if he’s been of grave importance on the island all along. My saving grace there is, “We have multiple timelines right? The island’s Christian is from another timeline that converged with the island’s timeline in years past.” Make sense? I know, but the show sin’t making sense right now either.

    I’ll admit though…..I’ve never really put so much faith into something on this show that had such little evidence to back it up. I’m really just going on a gut feeling here more than anything.

    AngiveL – I forgot to mention, great point about the cabin scene, forgot all about it. That might be a serious clue as to where Christian stands in all of this. I never really found out if that eye’s been identified, I’m assuming it hasn’t been.

  8. What echoed in my mind throughout reading your theory Chief (and the responses) is that line Ben said– “Everyone answers to someone.” At the time, he was referencing Jacob… but I always wondered, who do Jacob– and MIB– answer to?

    Perchance it’s Christian… and yeah, the writers messed with the timelines enough that they can explain this.

    (However, I’m still on the Christian was MIB this entire time, for now…)

  9. “Everyone Answers To Someone”…. (

    chief please read my post about the number 23, i know it’s kinda off a little from what you are saying, but i believe that according to the lighthouse mirror, christen was the one being “watched” by whoever is doing the watching, not jack. as the mirror showed the places where jacob met the other candidates and he didnt meet jack at his childhood home, there is also a picture in the house when jack is there helping his mom find christen’s will and in the pic there are two men who although their faces are blurred out look like jacob and christen. which leads me to believe that christen at the very least knew jacob. i totally believe that he is special in some way, i dont think he is mib or jacob, i think he is higher than them or maybe on the same level but his own person, his own side.

    angivel- thanks for pointing that out! i havent seen those but that is such a good point! christen sending vincent to wake up jack, to me that proves for sure that if i’m wrong that he is special then his “dead body” was claimed by mib or that he in fact is special and “came back to life”

    also i believe that the cabin was christen’s place all along, not jacobs. just like jacob had the statue, smoky had the hole in the temple, christen had the cabin

  10. omg AdayAfar, tell me why we just wrote the same exact thing at the same time? when i started writing my comment yours wasnt there, then i press submit and your comment is saying the same thing as me! scary!!

  11. obsessed: Wow, that IS quite scary! Great points about Christian, I’m so into this idea that he is pivotal to the show as a whole. And not just a white rabbit we’ve been chasing down this (pseudo-)wormhole. 😉

    AngiveL: Forgot to mention in my last comment, I totally forgot about Hurley running away and the mystery of that eye– wonder if we could guess based on its color or something (but this could be a dead end, like the Jack’s Baby Mama debate). So many mysteries we can later easily connect and piece together. If they ever get to it… gahh. I give up. I’m moving on to Flash Forward… ahaha.

  12. “They’re coming”

    Jacob’s words have yet to be fulfilled. I believe those yet to have arrived on the Island are in charge. Jacob confirmed their coming in The Lighthouse.
    Just something to think about.

  13. Im on board with there being a higher entity on the island…i was just discussing that with my dad earlier in the day….MIB is scared of something…either it be christian or the island itself…but hes scared of something/someone

  14. Chief, I’m so glad you wrote this. The whole Christian on the freighter scene has been bugging me since last week.

    Prior to last week’s episode, I had seen validity in a MIB/Christian connection. But after Richard explained a bit of the ‘rules’ about how a person can/can’t die, I didn’t see how this particular scene fit with Christian representing MIB. It seemed more Jacob-like, yet not, since Jacob only appears as himself. So I just have been mulling it over and realized I had nothing to offer other than disagreeing with my own original thinking. (That’s not really helpful to anyone.)

    To go along with that, I wondered if Claire’s comment to Jin about not being alone since she had her dad and her friend, was that they were actually separate (and possibly opposing) influences on her at the time, rather than the same.

    But my argument with myself is/was this: how could her ‘friend’ have been there with her? He just got to the island in the form of Locke about three days ago!?! Right? So according to Flocke (in Recon) he had been communicating with her, feeding her these things about the Others and Aaron. Who/what/how was he appearing to her to do so? Perhaps it WAS Christian after all. And isn’t it interesting that Claire has gone all crazy twisted in three years time, believing, following, bargaining with E.I. in some form or another but as soon as he appears as Locke she still knows it to be him? Am I making sense? It’s like the crazies that are Sayid and Claire now are actually seeing the being that is Smokey/MIB…not the form of Locke, and they are truly following HIM. (Sawyer obviously knows it but isn’t ‘seeing’ him, too… all while Kate is sitting protected in trees, struggling to ask the necessary questions. But I digress…)

    Okay, one last thought. I didn’t read your post until after “Recon” but here was something about Christian that occurred to me while watching it…

    For as long as we’ve thought that the Shepherd family is important, perhaps the beach conversation with E.I./Flocke and Kate was the beginning of the set-up that Christian has a connection to the MIB and Jacob family. That whole conversation about his mom made me think that the ultimate ‘parent/child relationship’ story we will see is going to include E.I. and Jacob…so perhaps Christian as a third party father figure somehow has a connection back to E.I.? Why else would E.I. bring up his mom if we weren’t going to learn something about the family behind these two (Jacob included)? Was it just to point out that the cycle continues with crazy Claire and Aaron? I don’t know. Perhaps. But if that’s the case then once again Claire’s relationship with Christian becomes important…and we see him being the father figure of the crazy mother…with a child who at one point was foretold to be something like evil…

    So, I’m late night rambling here but I’m ultimately agreeing that there is a strong possibility that he is a third-party with power. You’ve helped shape the bigger picture nicely.

  15. Great theory Chief, I am totally with the idea that there is a higher power and it most probably is Christian/in the form of Christian.

    Maybe the island IS the higher power, and before Christian’s body arrived on the island it manifested itself as another form – and it needed a replacement and searched out/decided it would be Christian (eg. watching the Shephard home from the Lighthouse).

    I have just watched Recon, and referring to MIB’s conversation with Kate about his own mother – maybe the “spirit” of the island was a parent to MIB or Jacob or both. For whatever reason, and i’m going to miss a few obvious steps here because I can’t think of anything to fill in these blanks, but Jack was chosen as the new Jacob because he was Christian’s son, ie. the other Candidates may have had different important roles, not necessarily to be replacements for Jacob as MIB and Ilana have stated in episodes.

    Also I have never bought that Christian was on one side or another, he has appeared to either support both sides or the interests of the island. If he has leaned more towards MIB in some episodes, maybe that’s because he is acting like a parent would towards the black sheep of the family eg. provides more attention.

    Ok I think i’m totally going off track here because i’m a little tired! Thanks for the read, definitely got a few more thoughts going round in my head.

  16. ADayAfar – Thanks for bringing that line up “Everyone answers to someone.” I forgot all about that, but I’d like to think it’s true even to Jacob and MIB.

    Ever watch “The Office”? You know how Jim and Michael both had EQUAL power in the office? Their new boss came down and said it just wouldn’t work and that one of them had to step down to salesman. That’s proof that two equal parties (Jacob, MIB) can’t rule over an island. Mystery solved.

    obsessedWlost – I actually recall reading that theory. It literally made me go back and watch “The Lighthouse” to see what photo you were referring to. I saw it near the end of the scene right behind Jack. Blurred or not, it’s very possible it’s Jacob and Christian. The cabin being Christian’s? What an excellent thought. You just gave me something else to ponder. Thanks for that.

    HenryGale108 – Damn straight he’s scared. Could he be afraid of a dead Jacob? I suppose he could be but I doubt it. We need to figure out who that bloody handed boy was. Whoever it is, he’s a mystery even to MIB. If there’s a mystery to MIB, it must be a hell of a mystery.

    kimberly – “E.I.” is an extremely underused reference to MIB. It’s great to see it again.

    As you mention, would Claire really refer to Flocke and Christian as seperate people if they weren’t? If Christian and E.I. were the same entity, why would it need to approach Claire as both if they both had the same agenda. Yeah, Flocke’s pretty new to the island, not really sure how Claire refers to him as “friend”.

    About MIB’s dysfunctional family, I hope we learn more about it. The fact he talks about having a mom at all tells us there might NOT BE A SPACESHIP AFTERALL!!! Unless aliens talk about their moms on occasion like depressed smoke monsters do here on Earth.

    hasben – Christian could very well be the carrier of the island’s will. We’ve heard it throughout the show for years. “The island” wants this or that. I always thought it was rather lame that an island would have a will of it’s own, but I think you might be on to something.

    Good stuff…..(and I thought “Recon” was rather uneventful. I had to say it.)

  17. Sorry Chief…got caught up in some things last night and never made it back…

    I still like this idea a lot…just have to figure a few things out.
    Ill be back to this later today…

    Im having trouble not associating Christian with either MIB or Jacob mainly because of a few scenes…other than that, I love this idea still…

    If I could get past the freighter scene, the cabin scene, and mainly the scene with Frank and Sun, I could fully buy into this.

    Out of curiousity…has anyone actually heard Jacob or MIB specifically say anything about moving the island…I know we hear Christian, but I dont recall either of them ever saying anything about it later on…hmmm…

    The “mom” talk also led me slightly away from “spaceships” and led me closer to MIB “Once being a man”…

    Of course Sawyer HAD to say “take me to your leader”…I was not very appreciative of that line…just when I thought I could let my “spaceship” guard down…

  18. AES – “If I could get past the freighter scene, the cabin scene, and mainly the scene with Frank and Sun, I could fully buy into this.”

    LMAO. Unfortunately, as you know, those are some of the biggest scenes Christian has had “on island”. Christian sure seems to know A LOT though, at least compared to MIB. In the scene with Sun and Frank, she asks about Jin’s location. Christian shows Sun the ’77 photo and says, “I’m sorry, but you have a bit of a journey ahead of you.” He says that as if he knows exactly how to make it happen.

    I don’t recall Jacob or MIB having mentioned anything about the island moving. Christian’s the only one talking about it from what we’ve seen. If Christian’s his own self, he sure seems to have a lot of control over the island.

    Perhaps we could add to the old Cerberus theories. Now with MIB/Jacob/Christian being the will of the island. Jacob is the one that brings people to the island. MIB is the one that protects the island (security system) and Christian is in charge of moving the island through space/time for whatever reasons necessary.

    I suppose there’s still a lot of fun to be had with where Christian can fit into all of this. Too bad time’s running out.

  19. Chief–I like your theory that Christian (or whoever is in the form of Christian now) is the main man. Also, I don’t think Claire sees Locke at all when she is with him, or at least she sees right through the Locke facade. She has known Smokey in whatever form it has been appearing to her for the last 3 years and still sees it that way or knows that Locke and her “friend” are the same being. Anyway, I hope we see Christian before the finale, but it looks like Richard’s story is next 🙂

  20. christian definitely helps people get where they need to go. helps michael be free, helps locke turn the wheel, helps jack find the cave, etc. maybe he is a destiny guide.

  21. You’re probably right Odette, actually, I don’t know how you couldn’t be. I wonder what Claire actually sees? The fact that she’s infected might give her some abilities we are not aware of. Does being infected only mean that you’re insane? or can these people do/see things that others can’t?

  22. What if the eye we see in the cabin is EI becoming Locke? He may have had to grow into the body. Sounds kinda wierd when I write it down especially since Claire would have been hanging out with EI as he transformed into what we see now. It would be enough to drive a girl crazy. That puts Christian in the same place as him but still seperate.

    There are to many connections to the Sheppard family for it not to be of more importance than Jack being a candidate. When Jack visited his grandfather, Ray, Ray said something along the lines that next time he leaves the old folks home he’s going somewhere that no one will ever find him.

    The conversation between Kate And Smocke was really weird. To me it seemed the real Locke was talking. What he told Kate about his mom being crazy and he was still working thru the issues sounded a lot more like the Locke we know than some ancient being.

  23. Good thoughts Chief.

    AES, I had some new questions about regarding your ideas in Hodge-podge and posted them on that thread. Could you look it up? (You probably don’t have email notification turned on?)

    ‘Scuse me for polluting your post Chief, but I didn’t see any other way 🙂

  24. Stone…I see it…ill get to it this evening, promise…

    Chief…lol…figured you would get a kick out of that…serious question…even though it wont sound that way…

    What are your thoughts on Christian being a member, if not captain of the Black Rock?

    You’re getting a theory from me on it regardless soon…just curious before its done…

  25. if christian was on the black rock, then what about ray (jacks grampa?) i dunno about a father son thing on the black rock… and ray did seem to be in on some knowledge. creepy old dude

  26. Christian is a HUGE question mark, I thought at times it was smokie for sure because we see Jack looking for his body & it cant be found, then we see Eko looking for his brother’s body but it is missing as well then we see Yemi but its Not Yemi an is obviously smokie an ends up killing Eko.

    I like Ekolocation’s idea that Christian is helping people get to where they need to be kind of like Eloise Hawking, He shows Jack where the caves are & fresh water for them which at the time was very necessary so he guided him there which was beneficial.

    He tries to guide Locke in the cabin & tells him “HE had to move the Island” but Ben does so he kind of failed unless he conned Locke an didnt tell him the necessary steps to doing so which of course made Ben to think Jacob wanted him to do it which sets everything in place for MIB to take over Locke, Christian knew that Locke had to die an knowing that Ben is the one who does it an for him to do it he would need to leave first…Very Sawyer-ish but that kind of points to the reincarnate in Christian could be on MIB’s side.

  27. If that cabin’s been inhabited by Christian all along, you could say the first encounter with the “Help me” guy was Christian. The chains in the cabin, the clothes of the person sitting there were all very “Blackrockish”. The title of that episode was “The man behind the Curtain”, not necessarily referring to Jacob or MIB.

    I’d like to see someone go with that. I suppose anything’s possible of course. Looks like we might be finding out more about the Black Rock next week anyway.

    Christian’s backstory has REALLY been kept secret by the writers. For such an obviously important piece to the overall outcome of the show, we know way too little about him considering how late it is in the show.

    About Ray, I just remember him being really laid back. I didn’t get any really bizarre vibes from him.

  28. With Christian appearing in the cabin and telling Locke to move the island…then appearing in the FDW chamber and telling Locke to move it…does it make some stupid sense that Christian himself once moved the island?

  29. Yeah…I didnt really get the vibes from Ray either…cant lie…

    I can say that it was strange the woman working there telling Jack of his disappearing though…that makes me think somewhat about the possibility of Desmond ‘physically’ jumping through time…

  30. Im just going to throw this in while we are on the subject, because I think I am the only one who said it…or at least believes it…

    I still think that the coffin from the new parallel timeline is the one that Jack smashes up on the island, and not the one that was actually on the plane from the timeline in the pilot…

    I dont know what that would mean, except parallel/alternate timelines from the jump…hope it can help out somehow with this thought…

  31. I remember you mentioning that AES (the coffin thing), and let’s not forget physics. If the coffin that Jack smashes up came from the crashed 815, the coffin would literally be in thousands of pieces before Jack ever laid a hand on it.

  32. ilieintheshadowofthestatuetopreventskincancer – Okay, more like hundreds of pieces. (Aren’t you the physics guy?) 🙂

    AES – And whoa, Christian could have very easily moved the island at one point. I’m ashamed for never thinking that.

  33. Nah, that coffin is made of magic (and probably sapient) pearwood. A flight crash won’t have any impact on it. Only Jack’s magic fists’ll do it.

    (Did someone catch the Terry Pratchett reference?)

  34. Claire apparently did not flash with the other Losties. This may be do to her infection or possibly to the vaccine she took out of the hatch.

  35. Dead people don’t flash, right? I think Charlotte stopped flashing when she died. So it makes sense that Claire stopped flashing since she had most likely already died and been resurrected by Smokey somehow.

  36. Here’s another fun fact about the early scenes with Christian…he is wearing the white tennis shoes…yet one is hanging in the tree…production error…or is there really 2 sets of shoes…and 2 Christians?

  37. I forgot all abou that. That CANNOT be a production error. There’s just no way something that obvious wouldn’t get noticed by anyone associated with the editing of the show.

    We’ve seen two Sawyers at once (one was on the beach while the other watched Claire give birth), as well as two Lockes (obviously not really the same guy though).

    So if there’s two Christians, or just one entity as Christian shifting through time, it wouldn’t exactly blow my mind at this point.

    I still wonder if Christian wearing both black and white has any symbolism regarding what we know now about these colors.

    Great reminder though about the shoes……I know you’re onto something AES, let’s hear it man. 🙂

  38. Referees wear both black and white…I know that much…

    I got laughed at for suggesting Christian taking repeated flights to the island and back at the time using it towards the goal of connecting Christian and MIB…specifically that they were the same people…

    But I still think the flights meant something more than just visiting Claire.
    I get that…its obvious.
    I have always believed that Christian had been on the island before. I also always thought that when Sun mentioned Christians name to Ben, he seems freaked out…almost frightened by its mention. I cant help but feel that Christian at one point had previous ties with the island, and more than likely MIB and Jacob.

    SO maybe Christian was trying to get back to the island. Maybe he, like Widmore left and could not return until the conditions were right…maybe for Christian, this meant his death.

    The question is, what role did he play while there…which requires a bit of connecting the dots first…

    MIB…the man in John Lockes form, who if I might add, admitted that he was actually the monster, in a straightforward manner for the first time last episode…has something VERY significant to me in all of this…the shoes Christian was SUPPOSED to be wearing…in his backpack still. Remember, took them off, clicked them together, and put them in the pack he still carries.

    Meaning to me, one of two things…Either the shoes prove significant that because they are the BLACK shoes, they are the ones Christian is SUPPOSED to be wearing…or that in the mess of everything that has given us all nosebleeds over the last 6 years…Christians ‘side’ was chosen and shown to us from the first image of him…the WHITE shoes…(whispers… which Jack put on him in place of the black ones if I might add)

    I actually think he is to be wearing the black ones, if anyone cares for my opinion on the matter…”John Locke” may agree with me…

    The point is, as stupid as it sounds, the shoes are quite possibly the key to knowing what side Christian is actually favoring.

    Not because of the shoes themselves obviously…but the symbolism behind them…black or white?

    Am I nuts, or does this make any sense?

  39. Geez.

    Once again, great reminder and well said. I’m going to have to look into this more. I’ve pretty much forgotten the specifics about WHEN everything shoe related happened (and it’s violently pissing me off right now). These shoes, as you mentioned, are key.

    I’m not sure yet what the significance would be regarding which side Christian is on though. Is he himself some sort of variable? Would these shoes be a constant like Dogen’s baseball?

    Maybe I am a little confused about the shoe ordeal, but I’m gonna catch up on it tomorrow so that I’m on the same page.

  40. Who is the Man In Black?

    Here’s a quick idea. He’s the last candidate from the last time around, but he’s refused to take his post. He will not take Jacob’s spot until Jacob can prove to him that mankind deserves whatever trouble it is Jacob goes through on their behalf.

    Late to the party apparently… missed some of the comments so I’m sorry if someone else has said what I’m going to say…

    I think the cabin belongs to E.I. and that the statue where Jacob seems to be living isn’t really the Jacob version of the cabin. Jacob has the lighthouse. Why didn’t they ever see it before? Ummm, that’s why. It seems that E.I. has been trapped in the cabin with a circle of ash. Someone broke the circle and let him out. That someone was Christian.

    I totally agree that Christian is above Jacob and E.I. and he kind of steps in to influence the game every now and again (like pushing Locke to move the island and releasing E.I.)… Christian is kind of the rule keeper… Why is Michael able to die on the freighter? Because Christian showed up and made a ruling.

    Awesome theory, Chief, and a great discussion…

  41. LOL, I was sort of wondering where you were going with “Who is the Man in Black?”.

    I can totally see how Christian broke the ring of ash. The reason we haven’t been shown who broke the ash yet could be in conjunction with why we still don’t know who Christian is. In other words, solving one of those mysteries might solve the other in the process.

    I can picture Christian breaking the ring of ash possibly the same day the losties crashed. Perhaps Christian needed smokey to scan some of the losties, to be able to judge who is worthy of candidacy.

    I feel like we’re so close to some serious answers here. But then someone brings up Christian’s “shoes” and things get damn complicated again.

  42. Oh yeah, Christian’s shoes… I’m not sure what to make of that… Maybe AES is right and the shoes are a hint at what side Christian is on… What if Christian, wearing the white shoes that Jack put on him, is a hint that he’s actually on the good side and Locke, wearing the black shoes was a hint that Locke (or what looks like Locke) is on the bad side… as if we still need a hint as to Not Locke’s affiliation…

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