Widmore is a lier but not on Smokey’s side

I just watched Recon. I’m going to trust Sawyer’s judgment and assume that Widmore is just a lier who can’t be trusted (just like “Zoe”). Widmore was in fact behind the Freighter visit although he claims not to be, and he also had the remaining Ajira passengers killed.

And Widmore doesn’t seem to be on Smokey’s side, especially considering that he brought those pylons. Whether Widmore is somehow still on Jacob’s side or just on his own remains to be seen I guess. In Lighthouse we got the impression that Jacob wants the someone who was coming to the Island to actually find the Island, and I guess that someone is Widmore.

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26 thoughts on “Widmore is a lier but not on Smokey’s side

  1. yeah, widmore is obviously not on smokies side. but what confuses me is why did he want locke to get the other losties and get back to the island? did he not know what was gana happen? cuz i was under the impression that he did. i think he is on his own side, he wants control of the island.
    i am loving that sawyer is basically playing both of them.

    side note: is it just me or wasnt the ajira plane basically empty except for jacobs people and the losties? where did all the randoms come from?

  2. Of course it is a possibility that Widmore plans to keep Smokey trapped on Hydra Island instead of the Main Island.

    And the randoms come from the other coffins aboard the Ajira flight. 😉

  3. Yeah, maybe Zoe got the dead Ajira passengers together for a funeral pyre to make more ash against Smokey… eeps.

    obsessed: Could be a big continuity problem. As far as I can recall you’re right about Ajira being MOSTLY empty (since Hurley decided to buy as many tix as possible to prevent people from boarding a doomed flight). However, though the section where the Losties sat was pretty much empty, there were still a good dozen survivors yeah? Like that Cesar guy that Ilana killed, everyone injured who we saw in the makeshift clinic they made where Flocke came to Ben…

    There weren’t a load of corpses that Sawyer came across, so to me, it just looked like Widmore’s team killed off the remainder of the Ajira survivors…

  4. yeah there were definitely other survivors, you see them around cesar when he gets killed and in other scenes too.

    i also think widmore is lying, however, lets assume he is not. What killed those people? Who sent the freighter?

    Also, I think locked in the room is desmond (and maybe penny) but thats just the impression i got.

  5. Did I miss something? I don’t remember outright denying he sent the freighter. I’ll have to check when I do my rewatch, but I don’t remember him denying that he sent it. He just told Sawyer that he doesn’t know much.

  6. I just thought it would be interesting if Widmore brought those sonic pylons to keep Smokey IN, not out.. he leaves them off, lets him walk inside of them, turns them on and traps him, then tries to kill him with whatever silly thing he’s got locked away in that sub.

  7. Or maybe Widmore made a deal w/ the devil/Smocke and since he’s run afowl of Jacob is taking the only precaution he has. It felt to me that the only one getting plaid that whole ep was Sawyer, not Locke, not Widmore but Sawyer. I think he’ll be in for a shock when they greet eachother.

  8. I’m getting the impression that Flocke is on his own side and has no friends, just people he uses to get what he wants. We already know how he feels about people so he has no problem killing them. Maybe Widmore feels the only thing preventing him from ruling the Island is the smoke monster. He has had a lot of time to plan and we know he is smart and ruthless, so maybe there really is a 3rd party involved in this war.

  9. Maybe Widmore is on his own. Maybe he believes that if you rule the island, you can rule the world.

    It is very possible that there are more than 2 sides (jacob and MIB).

    What if:
    Jacob wants to rule the island so he can pass it on to his Candidate, so that Candidate can preserve the timeline and save humanity.

    MIB wants to rule the island so he can escape it, infect the world and bring on doomsday.

    Widmore wants to rule the island so he can use its properties to manipulate time and rule the world.

  10. allgoodthings- good point. i did think sawyer was outsmarting both of them by setting them against each other when i watched the episode, but now that you say that i think you may be right. why else did widmore want to locke to come back to the island? he probably knew what would happen, and lets face it smoky cant be that dumb he wouldnt have been able to be smokalicious for this long if he was dumb, so yeah def good point on widmore and smoky both being in on it and making sawyer their little pawn

  11. What Widmore says to Sawyer when accused of sending the freighter full of armed thugs to kill everyone is “How little understanding you truly have” which is certainly not a denial.

    He does however, deny having killed the surviving Ajira passengers. Part of Zoe’s story is that they were killed two days before.

    I am not a forensics expert, and cannot comment on the state of decay of a body after two hours vs two days, but if that part of her story is true, Widmore was in a sub, miles away from the island and could not have killed them.

    The time frame would therefore suggest that Ilana and Brams are responsible for the massacre. Possibly they were cleaning up after themselves by eliminating non-candidate bystanders (and undercover associates to Widmore).

    As to the contents of the locked cabin, I favor Desmond Hume, or possibly Walt. We saw Walt locked away once before at the hands of Ben’s people. This scenario resembles that Mobisode.

  12. After a rewatch I have to agree that Widmore didn’t deny sending the Freighter. But he sort of denies sending a Freighter to “kill them all” (Saywer’s words). As everyone who knows something on Lost, he’s quite quiet about what he knows.

  13. Widmore said two things that he shouldn’t have known.

    “Ford.” Widmore called Sawyer Ford. Tina Fay asked if his real name was Sawyer, so that’s how she’da introduced him, so the question is … how did he know Jimmy’s last name was Ford?

    “Locke’s dead.” Again. How’d he know? Bentham was the obituary. Last Widmore *should* have known was Locke was alive and heading towards the island (indeed, did he know Locke as Bentham or Locke)?

    Widmore and Locke BOTH had a wry look when Sawyer was setting them up about the other. Not sure they aren’t playing him.

    After all, why didn’t Tina and the Geeks off Sawyer?

  14. 1. Widmore is against Smokey. I also think he is on his own side, why else would Jacob say someone bad is coming to the island?

    2. I dont think what is in that locked room is a character from Lost. I think it would be something that Widmore is going to use to try to kill Smokey. I don’t see the point of all those locks on a door to be hiding a person.

    If it is a person, however, I think it is Walt. I think Walt will know that Flocke is not Locke, and I think Walt has powers that can destroy Smokey.

  15. Pez- I believe Jacob said someone bad was coming to the temple… And why he wanted them far away from it

    And that someone was coming to the island and he needed hurley to help get him there

  16. Yes, that is what I have stated. I think that Widmore is not on Jacob’s or Flocke’s side, but Widmore is on his own.

    But Jacob didn’t say Hurley was needed for the ‘bad people’ to get to the island, either.

  17. Well Pez that could further a theory that he’s actually on Jacob’s side.

    He did send the freighter to not kill anyone except to get Ben. Maybe Jacob’s orders for Widmore were to extract Ben so he wouldn’t end up killing Jacob later in exchange for something?

    I think it’s Desmond inside the locked door. He knows alot of stuff. The island isn’t done with him yet either as per Eloise Hawking who works in conjunction with Widmore.

  18. That further explains him starting the building of pylons to protect from the smoke monster. Which also sort of explains why he says ‘it’s sad really’. Maybe because it’s sad about how little sawyer really knows and what Jacob/MiB has/hasn’t told him. Maybe?

  19. Pez, as Henrygale108 pointed out, Jacob didn’t say that someone bad was coming to the Island. Jacob said two things:

    1) Someone is coming to the Island and Hurley was to help them find it.

    2) Someone bad, i.e. Smokey, is coming to the Temple.

  20. Sorry I misinterpreted his comment, :S.

    However, when Jacob says “Someone is coming to the island, I need you to help them find it” doesnt make sense to me, because from what we know, the Widmore group have been there before Hurley was sent off on his trip with Jack. Plus, we didnt see them help anybody, all we saw up in the Lighthouse was a picture telling Jack he is important.

    Is there something I missed?

  21. Pez, Jacob was lying to Hurley when he said that someone needed Hurley’s help to find the Island. Jacob more or less admitted it to Hurley after Jack had smashed the mirrors.

  22. To be more clear: Jacob said whatever he needed to say to Hurley to get Hurley and Jack away from the Temple before Smokey got to the Temple.

    There are a few things about this that seems a bit strange to me, but that is a different story.

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