Can’t die = no ATL life for you

I haven’t been on this site for awhile, so I apologize in advance if this was talked about already.

The following theory is based on the assumption that the Candidates can’t die (possible evidence: Jack didn’t explode). It is also based on the idea that what Juliet saw once she was dying was the other timeline (possible evidence: “it worked”). Lastly and unfortunately (because I’m not a fan of it..), the following theory is based the ATL possibly being the Losties’ second chance at life.

Ok, so based on these assumptions, the Losties will get a second chance at redemption in the ATL. However, in order for them to go in the ATL is to complete their destinies in the island. Why? Because they can’t die otherwise. (Possible evidence: Walt kept trying to kill himself but failed every time, but when he completed his destiny in the freighter, he was able to die). I am not yet sure if dying is the only way to the ATL, but assuming it is, they must sacrifice themselves in some way in order to do so. Sorry for the lame reason how to go to the ATL. Let’s hear it if you have a better idea!

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I'm the dumbest guy in the world. I haven't watched Lost until the summer of 2009. I watched all four seasons within a few days, now I'm starting to again recently, in addition to season five! woot! :P

10 thoughts on “Can’t die = no ATL life for you

  1. I don’t know if I’ve heard exactly that theory. Are you saying that pretty much everyone has died then since they have all been shown in the ATL?

    Nevertheless, I guess you mean Michael and not Walt.

  2. I think having the ATL come thematically after the island action, is seriously lame. Not to say that the writers are above being lame sometimes.

  3. The only reason we are looking at these meaningless “sideflashes” are to slow down the progress on the Real story which is taking place on the Island in 2007.

    They have been doing this since season 1 but we never minded because we were learning about the survivors past life’s before the Crash & exactly how they came to be on flight 815…That was slowing down our on Island action but like I said it was relevant at least but this sideway flashes a very very annoying & we never seen a episode with just On Island action that I can remember.

    Its obvious the writers will try to connect these timelines in someway to make them relevant to the story but I really liked the idea if you die you get another chance.

  4. Ohhh & you said that they are getting to redeem themselves of their past lives on the Island, well we 100% saw that with DR. Linus Alt lifeline.

    When Alex tells Linus that this test his her LIFE he plays it down but in her eyes this test is life or death.

    In that episode we see Ben have the chance to gain power of the High School(Island) Or to help Alex & save her life so to speak.

    This decision is one he already faced in both timelines

    On the Island he wanted to keep what was most important to him which he admitted to Llana was his power

    We know he let Alex die to keep in power on the Island but in his Alt life he is a better man & this time SAVES Alex’s life & gives up his chance at power. Great thinking Cliff and you should rewrite this post an add that little info on Bens redemption but this made me think of this and I feel your right an I will be looking now more carefully in the Sideflashes thanks.

  5. Eko: I agree – Richard wanted Jack to light the fuse so he could die. He said it wouldn’t work if he did it himself. Michael’s attempts at suicide were not successful. Neither was Locke’s attempt to off himself – but we know that Ben was able to do it for him.

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