Why did Smokey need to kill the Temple Others?

Right. Why did Smokey need to kill the Temple Others?

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15 thoughts on “Why did Smokey need to kill the Temple Others?

  1. Chief, witnesses of what?

    Lollshannon, if we go by Flocke’s own statements, they were killed because they are trying to keep him on the Island, so it was “either kill or be killed”. But how can the Temple Others stop him by simply sitting on their asses in the Temple, without a Leader and all?

  2. i very well could be incorrect but i honestly think it was because it’s a television show, it’s cool to SEE things, similar to the flaming arrow attack, they got rid of a lot of stragglers, not as many characters to keep up with and it was entertaining. It was part to show how many temple others there were in fact so we know not just everyone was like “ok, i’ll go along with this” and then show them following Locke. the last part i said i can’t articulate very well, but…hope that somewhat made sense.

  3. VERY good question. He said “kill or be killed” in his explanation to Sawyer. So, if we take that literally, perhaps it is possible the others would have fallen under a new leader (Jacob’s successor?) and to prevent this, MiB wanted to reduce their numbers by as much as he could. I feel like MiB has taken a lot of preventative measures. For example, burning Jacob’s body? I feel like there was a very specific reason for destroying the physical body..perhaps so it could not be possessed? And perhaps killing the temple people guaranteed that Jacob or his successor would have very limited man power in the future. I think that makes sense, right?

    Conversely, perhaps he does not want ANYONE to be left on the island once he leaves. (Save for Ben, whom he apparently wants to “run” the island in his absence)..just another idea.

  4. You shouldn’t hate on brothers with issues! There is a great series written by Margaret Weis about two twin brothers….”The Soulforge” is the start of the should check it out 😉 Worst case scenario, I gave you a book to bash on for brotherly issues =P

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