Walt – Whats the deal? / “God has nothing to do with it”

Point a : Walt. Whats up with him, his story isnt finished, is it? He seemed to be fairly integral in the first few seasons now hes mia.

-Thoughts? / Theories

Point b : A quote  by sawyer that stood out in my mind. “God has nothing to do with it” – something the writers wanted to convey to the audience?  Or am i reading to much into it?

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4 thoughts on “Walt – Whats the deal? / “God has nothing to do with it”

  1. I guess the usual explanation is that the actor who played Walt has grown too fast. But my guess is that we will see him again somehow. They seem to want to at least show everyone again briefly in the last season for some reason.

    I guess we’ve heard before (by Ben?) that “God can’t see this Island” or something like that.

  2. I think the “Trust me, God ain’t got nothing to do with it’ statement from Sawyer has to do with the deal he has made with MIB and even though some people see this island as ‘a place where miracle happens’, Sawyer sees this island as his prison, kind of a lot like MIB, but Sawyer definitely knows that nothing good resides in the MIB, especially since MIB admitted that he was indeed, the smoke monster.

  3. ilie: Do you remember when Ben said that? I would really like to watch that part again..can’t seem to remember it.

    As for Sawyer’s quote, he doesn’t know the full story about what’s going on (regarding Jacob, etc.) so even if he did say God has nothing to do with it, he can’t know for sure.

    Personally, I agree with/believe him, though.

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