Who is the greatest liar on LOST

Aside from Carlton Cuse and David Lindeloff (no time travel indeed) who is the greatest liar in the Lost universe.

Smoke monster tells Sawyer “You are the best liar I ever met”. I found that a bit of a stretch. Maybe he was flattering ol’ sawyer’s ego. The con man once decribed himself by saying: “I used to lie for a living” so feeding that would make sense in order to get him to do what you want.


there’s Benjamin Linus. Arguably Ben believes what he is saying most of the time, so he does not perceive what he says as a lie. However when confronted, he does go straight out and admit that he has told a fib.

CHARLIE lies to Claire and others about his drug addiction and possibly about his swiming abilities.

KATE can look you straight in the eye and come up with the biggest load of bull without a blink.

So who is the biggest liar on the show?

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3 thoughts on “Who is the greatest liar on LOST

  1. I guess we are not really in a position to say that yet. We know too little about the “truth”.

    But Smokey is pretty good, isn’t he? He managed to make Jacob’s most loyal follower kill Jacob.

  2. I believe when it’s all said and done, we will all be looking at Jacob as the answer to this question. Making people think they have choices, when he’s been driving their lives to the island all along.

  3. I think Jacob is too cryptic to be considered a liar. Half the stuff he says can be interpreted in God knows how many ways.

    MiB – we don’t know what the truth is in comparison to what he says, so who knows?

    Kate – I liked her in the beginning of the show, now I think she’s annoying and if she went to jail, well, at least Jack could get someone better then (he is a surgeon afterall). She’s better at evasion than lying.

    Sawyer is a good con artist but after he lost his tough guy act from the first season or so, I don’t think he’s the greatest.

    I have to say Ben’s delivery of his lies is absolutely stunning. He makes everyone feel like an idiot for asking questions and gives these bullshit answers…I was surprised no one killed him when they had the chance, considering he’s such a big liar it was probably safer with him dead!!! He has a “plan” for everything after all!

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