I’m not sure I really believe this but I’m going to throw this out there anyway.

While reading whatistime theory on Christian wharfrat brought up the conversation Kate had with Smocke. He was talking about the growing pains he had because he had a crazy mom. So who is his mom? We got reintroduced to Charlotte last week, too. The last we saw of her she was left as dead somewhere in time. Could she be Smockes mommy? The only evidence I have is she told Sawyer and co. to find the well to stop them from flashing through time. How did she know about a well that didn’t exist when she lived on the island as a kid. I know she was left as dead but maybe her consciousness was just travelling so she didn’t end up in ’74 with the rest of them and afterwards the island healed her as it did Daniel. Might have left her a little crazy though. Thought I’d bring up a possible candidate for the monster’s mom.

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2 thoughts on “Charlotte

  1. Im pretty sure the well was there when she was a child, as when they flashed to the 70s it was there just covered up.. and they (faraday) were digging around the frozen donkey while when they became part of the DI.. But then again, she was only a child so why shed remember a well seems kinda silly… Unless she did some research about the island when she grew up..?

  2. didnt faraday tell her about it? my memory of the past seasons is kinda fuzzy so i may be totally wrong with that. either way, i think locke was just saying all that to kate to get her to relate to him so she’ll be on his team so i think he was making shit up. also he would be talking about smokys mom not lockes and wouldnt smokys mom be like super duper old since he has been around for a while

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