Clare in Sidewaysville-SLU

Something’s that bothered me since parallels to our major characters in Sidewaysville became evident. There, Clare showed no crazy-Kate-Hatin'(hand-holding-lovin’). Early Locke seemed immune – until Dr. Linus showed him to be quite the touble mixer. Ideas anyone?

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5 thoughts on “Clare in Sidewaysville-SLU

  1. Krista, the actions in the alternate reality (AR) will according to some theories decide whether you end up in Team Jacob or Team Flocke on the Island.

    But there is nothing crazy or evil about Claire in the AR.

    And Locke doesn’t seem too bad in AR, except that he somehow triggered Ben to try to blackmail the principal.

  2. Claire seems to be almost fighting the infection. She is nuts…then she wants a hug…

    I think there is more to her off island story that will point her in the right direction.

    I doubt we have heard the last of the couple who was to adopt Aaron. I cant imagine them never going back to the husband.
    I also question “Dr. Goodspeeds” intentions. One thing that didnt change was that Claire still let him shoot her with drugs.

    I think we will see this somehow go back to Claire wandering out of the jungle in the middle of the night. She didnt remember anything about the crash…why?

    I wrote in another post that she could have had some “flashing” event that switched consciousness from one of her to the other.

    When she had her crazy dream of a bloody crib and “Locke” telling her it was her fault…I think it was MIB getting in her mind now, and Claire flashing back to 2004…Which means maybe we will see Claire flash out of this timeline, and the good Claire flash back…possibly having NO idea what is going on…

    I realize how confusing that is…my apologies in advance…

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