Significance of lighting in Sawyer’s bedroom?

When Sawyer and Charlotte were in Sawyer’s bed I took particular notice of the extended side angle shot in the dark. As it was occurring I thought why would the director choose to show the scene from that angle? Then at the front part of the scene, while they were talking to each other, what really grabbed my attention was a white glow what looked like was on top of the clock radio on the night table alongside Sawyer’s bed. I wasn’t, and am still not sure if I was seeing/interpreting the white glow as it was meant to be seen/interpreted. Was the white glow there to show that Sawyer in this reality is good? Was the white meant to be seen/interpreted that it is mixed in with the darkness and that it perhaps signifies somw kind of balance? And how does any interpreetation of the white glow fit in with the alt realities of the other characters we have witnessed? And, of course, how does it fit into the entire show? Also, I was so intrigued by the shot that I missed much of what Sawyer and Charlotte were saying to each other. Can anyone help me out on any and all of my questions? Thanks.

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