Season 6 – A dissapointment or a success so far?

Has anyone else been disappointed with this season of Lost? I know I have. Each week I am waiting with anticipation and optimism that we will start learning on or two more concrete facts and an understanding about just what the hell is going on but we just don’t.

For a start, we now have this secondary (not ‘alternate’ imo) timeline which doesn’t seem to have any particular point to it at this moment in time. Yes, it was very nice when we saw Jack and Locke getting on well in the lost-luggage area at LAX and I did enjoy seeing Ben do the right thing in caring about Alex but apart from that I really haven’t cared. We are now 8 episodes into the final series and this timeline seems pointless. I’m just praying to all the gods that it isn’t!

Now to events on the island, these seem equally as confusing. Nemesis finally told Sawyer what we all already knew; that he’s the smoke monster. Nemesis wants to leave the Island for some reason but Richard tells us that he’s a really bad person. There is some mysterious infection which hasn’t really been explained either with regards to how one gets infected. Also what is carrying the infection? Jacob has been looking for candidates to take over his roll of protecting the Island. For a start what actually is the island and who was he protecting it from and now that he’s dead, who chooses the candidate? There’s a magic pool of water in the temple which can apparently heal people, I mean what’s that all about? There is a cave and temple with numbers written relating to the candidates and in the tower is/was some magic mirror; yeah, so what?

Sorry if I’m moaning here but in each episode, lots of stuff happens but really nothing happens if you get me. In total I feel we’ve probably seen less than an hours worth of important storyline in Season 6, the rest of it has just been put in to fill the time. Well considering there are so many important questions from past seasons that need some sort of answer too, I think time is running out.

I just hope that the next episode which is focused on Richard will get the storyline moving a bit faster. The prospect of a Richard based episode does seem quite mouth-watering but considering what the rest of the season has been like so far, I’m not holding my breath.

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19 thoughts on “Season 6 – A dissapointment or a success so far?

  1. Jacob, I agree. Every episode, I have been praying something big happens to move the story along. We are nearly half way through the season and no questions have been answered. Call me an optimist, but I think you will feel different after the Richard-centric episode on Tuesday. I think that will explain more than the other 8 episodes put together.

  2. Yeah I have to agree on some of those points. The previous seasons all had episodes were the events happening were enthralling enough to keep us really involved in watching the show. This season I feel like I just keep watching it to get the answers, not because each episode is particularly interesting in itself. In fact, from an answers point of view, it’s rather dragged out and unsatisfying. But like you said, time is running out, so there’s only so much filler stuff they can show before they get to the meaty parts. I’m really waiting to see the next episode with Richard, and I hope he explains some stuff and doesn’t just say “this isn’t what it seems” or whatever he said in the trailer and just leaves it at that.

  3. True story, I Am Jacob– I think I will be really disappointed if I don’t get answers soon, I mean c’mon!

    Ifoundmyloophole: I sure hope you’re right, as soon as I saw it was a Richard ep I thought “oh please don’t let us down.” 🙂 I hope we’ll start unlocking the history and mythology of the Island.

    Branching a bit off-topic, but for me “Dr. Linus: was the best ep so far this season. I was pretty upset at how absolutely empty Recon turned out to be– especially because it started off quite well IMO.

    Thoughts on what ep was best or from which you learned the most (if applicable)?

  4. We will learn quite a bit in the next episode… And one of the biggest questions of the show… Just stay tuned…I think every episode from this week on answers are going to start coming out

  5. I couldn’t agree more. My biggest let down was that I’ve been waiting to see the temple since the blast door came down and there was that big question mark in the middle. Now that we’ve seen the temple, what was the big deal? It has a pool… Big deal! Why was it so important? All the other stations were really cool imo, but the temple was the big one and we still know next to nothing about it.

  6. ADayAfar, I thought Recon was pretty poor too.

    i thought ‘What Kate Does’ was the worst episode of the whole 6 season – absolutely nothing happened! In ‘The Substitute’ was also poor, the only intersting thing we saw was some mysterious blonde boy. In ‘The Lighthouse’ very little happened and the same can be said for ‘Sundown’ apart from Sayid being evil (big wow!)

    In ‘Dr. Linus’ we did find out that the candidates can’t kill themselves which is interesting but apart from that, the storyline was pretty empty.

    i am hoping that next week we find out how the Blackrock ended up in the middle of the island, who Nemesis really is and why Richard is the way he is. And like the promo has shown, i am hoping we will finally find out what the Island is.

    Everyone start praying now to make sure the next episode is good!!!!!

  7. I know what you are saying.
    When Sawyer and not/un/sm-locke are having a chat about becoming smoke and being dead in general why werent more questions asked. I would be really intrested to find out, I would have been bombarding him question after question. They must chat with each other whilst walking around the jungle???

  8. Well we are watching this season knowing it is the last one, so we want answers. But then why are you watching? if you just want answers read the lostpedia page, you dont need to see the show.

    I believe the episodes are pretty damn good, especially if you have recently rewatched season 1 (esp the beginning). I want to know the answers too, but I’d be dissapointed if the way we find out all the answers is through boring dialogue.

    This is a multi-faceted show, I’m sure we will get the answers but I don’t want that to come at the price of the high quality of episodes we are used to.

  9. bangoskank, i know exactly what you mean! I thought the same when Flocke was alone and talking to kate, why the hell didnt kate ask him who or what he is? Why has nobody asked how somebody can take the form of a dead person and how they can be the smoke monster.

    I was screaming at Kate to ask him!!

  10. #4 – ADayAfar, I think the best episode of this season was The Lighthouse, what I learned from that episode was Jacob is a coniver and it made me trust him just a little less, I also got the feeling that the lighthouse wasnt his and maybe just maybe, that everything we are seeing is a reverse image and maybe MIN really is the good guy.
    As for the OP, here are my thoughts on season 6 in regards to the FSW:
    Flashsideways, love them or hate them, you pay better attention. Did anyone notice that when Miles and James/Saywer are back at the station in the FSW drinking coffee Miles takes the black one and James/Sawyer takes the white one and it has Hollywood written on it. Now I thought that might be a clue because the more I thought about why Recon kind of fell flat, it was because it just all seemed to over the top, predictable and contrived but on purpose. I am on opinion that the FSW world is their matrix ( I really hate myself for writing this but it seems the way the show is headed, regardless of what the writers say). If you notice that in FSW everyone who is important to main character of the episode is wearing something black (however subtle) which may be that person’s subconscious reminding them that it is MIB’s world.
    Well, I think this holds for everyone but Kate (she is always that damn wretch in my plan (and everyone elses for that matter)) but she kind of got her wish about reuniting Claire and Aaron and maybe she really is innocent but that theory is for another day.
    I really doubt that the FSW is filler.

  11. ekolocation, i do read lostpedia on quite a regular basis fyi. Unfortunately this encyclopedia of information doesn’t explain many of the mysteries. If it did, we all wouldnt be on this website theorising or asking questions would we now??

    i would be very dissapointed too if all the losties were all sat on the beach, eating fruit and chatting about all the mysteries and questions they have in a very formal way.

    i just thought that half way into the FINAL season, we’d have started learning some important things by now. Each time we get so very close to someone saying something important, the discussion just sort of fizzles out to nothing.

    The feeling i am getting is that the writers are taking advantage of us viewers. they know we will just keep watching to find out whats going on – the thing is they aren’t telling us anything and im getting frustrated, thats all.

  12. 5 stars. 5 MEGA stars. Great post I Am Jacob.

    I can’t believe it either actually. I tell myself every week, “Well, this episode was quite dull and full of filler, that must mean NEXT WEEK’S WILL BE BETTER.” …..There hasn’t been an an eye-opening episode yet this season.

    I even thought “The Lighthouse” episode was a bit pointless. Jack having a son in this other timeline means nothing. BECAUSE WE STILL DON’T KNOW THE PURPOSE OF IT YET!!!! It’s like the writers forgot to include the reason of this “timewasting” timeline back in LA X.

    “What Kate Does” was barely worse than “Recon” in my book. The writers surely know how dull this other timeline is. They have to, because they wrote it. This sounds mean, but who in their right mind writes shit like this, and expects the audience (who is STILL completely in the dark about all of it) to find it interesting AT ALL. We have no reason to be engaged in it, and it’s obviously getting us all a little agitated.

    I wrote a little gripe session after “What Kate Does”. I could sort of see where this season was taking us, and I didn’t like it one bit. I was hoping we’d have a frickin clue as to what this sideways timeline is all about by now, but we instead have to roll our eyes and suffer through more of the same every….single…. week.

    I have the feeling that when they finally unravel the meaning of the other timeline, I’m not going to care anymore. In fact, I’m sure I’ll think the usual. “Couldn’t tell us that 16 episodes ago?” That’s how it’s been going. Jack asks a specific question to Dogen. Dogen pretty much says “I can’t answer that yet because the writers are trying to be a pain in the ass.”

    By the way. Here’s what we learned last episode: 1. Sawyer still cons. 2. MIB had a mom, that is, if he’s not lying again….and it was an hour long episode like the rest.

    Were we expected to gasp for breath when we saw Charlotte? I don’t care about her. Remember? She’s another character that lies her ass off to everyone, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS SHOW!

    The writing has been lazy this season so far to say the least. Thanks for posting this I AM JACOB. I really needed to get some things off my chest.

    If they cram all the important things into the last 2 episodes, I’ll consider this season to be one of the worst seasons on television. Shouldn’t have to wait through 17 episodes to feel like we’re finally getting somewhere.

    I say this all the time, I don’t care about answers that much, just make the show frickin interesting again.

    God, I can’t stop typing!! I better stop now while I’m thinking about it. Again, great topic.

  13. agree with everything…bangoskank absolutely spot on, if it were me i’d have asked smokey a million questions…but….nothing!…disappointing is the best way to descibe it because of course we all still love it….unanswered questions were part and parcel of the whole mysterious nature of the show, but s6 should have thrown up more answers than questions and it hasn’t….completely agree recon was worst episode, probobly of all 6 seasons! why fill time when there isn’t any?? this can only tell me theres gonna be lots of stuff unanswered…what a shame after virtually devoting my life to a bloody t.v show !!!! ha

  14. I’m in agreement with you on this. I don’t find myself pondering about each episode as I have been in the past seasons. I’m not caring about the purpose of Dharma or anything for that matter. I don’t like the whole idea of people being in other people. I don’t like the smoke monster, period. How stupid! I was hoping this was going to be a real intellectual puzzle with answers, but I think the writers are having to back track and make up things for some of the show to make any sense. I hope I am wrong! I do like watching Sawyer, though – I have to admit. It makes the show all worth while!

  15. Great topic I_Am_Jacob !

    Overall I am also disappointed simply because the show seems to be veering WAY off into the non-science-fiction direction.

    The whole Smokey vs Jacob thing is getting very tiresome. The magic lighthouse, the unexplained rules, to wit: why can Jacob travel off island to touch people but not Smokey? How can his touch seemingly bring Locke back to life after his fall? Why are two such powerful and mystic beings reduced to cave drawing a list of names or scratching them out with chalk?

    The whole thing is absurd!

    But the things that has kept me watching this season are the poignant character moments. Ben’s simpering admission that MIB is the only one who will have him. Jack connecting with David by telling him he loves him and about his own father. Kate’s vulnerability in the bamboo grove after Claire has tried to kill her. James’ realization that he will always be alone and Kate’s own understanding that Sawyer has changed and he really does love the dead Juliet. Sayid telling Nadia he feels he does not deserve her and so he has sort of given her to his brother.

    I do not think the flash sideways serve no purpose (any more or less than the flashbacks in seasons 1 and 2 served no purpose). Some of them are good and others are just so-so.

    After five and one half seasons you would think fans would catch on that people not asking the right questions or others not giving full answers is just A WRITING STYLE. If they suddenly just changed it would jar with the other seasons. It would be like watching a production of Hamlet in which the characters start speaking in modern American vernacular in the last act!

  16. A few points to make…

    The word infection isnt really what it is, the word thats closer to what is really happening to these people is that they have been “claimed”. The only way its like an infection is that it spreads thru the person until they are fully gone, like Sayid and maybe Claire. I think the people that are following Flocke may also get this way too. Which might be the reason Flocke is being kept on the island. If he gets off all of mankind would be corrupted by this darkness.

    Jacob was able to travel thru the Lighthouse, I’m 100% sure of it. I think Smokey didnt have access to it via the island rules that they have been abiding by.

    These two godlike creatures arent reduced to cave dwelling. They choose it. They live a simple life by choice, and technology is something that they arent to crazy of. (im sure Smokey doesnt like it, maybe Jacob is ok with it though since we dont see him getting angry when being around the candidates before the crash)

    Bangoskank, I love the name, Im a big fan of that series of books also :>)

    As far as the main question at hand, sadly enough, ive been disappointed by the season so far. I cant stand the FSW’s because, in all honesty, they make no sense at all. I dont think they are about a 2nd chance or redemption, and I cant think of any event that could have happened to make these characters so different from how theyve been on the island. I am fearing that they wont be tied into the main story line in a successful manner and that will crush me even more. As far as the island action, its been fine. I love the mystery thats still involved and I love the choosing sides aspect. But the FSW have me so rattled that the fact that we may not get all the little mysteries solved is starting to bother me a lot less.

    The one big thing that I need to know comes from a scene where Ben is taking Locke’s body to the butcher shop where one of his people work. (why would an other have a job on the mainland like that) He tells her not to mess it up because all that they have been working for will be screwed. It makes it seem like Ben knows about the BIG picture and how important getting the losties back to the island is. But if thats the case, and he knows about why they are important, why in the hell would he kill Locke, why would he constantly terrorize them when they were living on the beach? Why was he even involved? It seems like he was just a figurehead to begin with and that Dogen was really in charge.

  17. Chiefof16, glad you like it. TBH, i was going to ask this question a couple of episodes back but i thought i wait and give the season a chance to improve but it just hasn’t.

    I remember reading and commenting on your gripe about ‘what kate does’ and everything that you’ve said now i agree with. I’m guessing that you could have written twice as much regarding the poor quality of this season; i know that i could.

    With past seasons, i have rewatched them all, sometimes watching a new episode twice to make sure i haven’t missed anything. With S6, i haven’t wanted to waste my time watch the episodes again because basically they are boring and secondly, nothing seems to be happening.

    from seasons 1-5, if you were rewatching them, you almost couldn’t miss an episode out or you you would miss important storyline. With this season though, the only episode i might watch again is LAX, the rest i’d just skip.

    what I’m expecting is that we may learn some new things in the next episode about Richard but then I don’t think anything intereesting or important will happen until the last 2-3 episodes if im honest. I soo hope that im wrong but i dont feel very optimistic.

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