Jack Will Not Take Over For Jacob

Written 16th March

I think the writers are misleading us by showing Jack to be the main candidate to take over for Jacob. I wouldn’t be dissappointed if this happened as his “man of science” flip to “man of faith” makes an interesting storyline, but I have a feeling it will be another.

I believe that Sawyer will become the new “Jacob”. Jacob is the king of the long-con, he has patience to let things play out and then inject himself at the pivotal moment to get what he wants. Sawyer is the same way. He cons people by allowing them to make a choice that they think is their own, but it is really what he wants. Sawyer has grown and shown himself to be a good leader and also a good person.

I really have no other reasons to believe this other than the fact that the Lost writers love a good twist and I’m sure this would surprise people but at the same time make people say, well that works.

What do you guys think?

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9 thoughts on “Jack Will Not Take Over For Jacob

  1. I think Sawyer is on Locke’s side. Even though he is a cop in the flash sideways, he still wants to kill Anthony Cooper. He may have also still killed the guy in Australia. I think the flash sideways shows us if people are good or evil. Based on this idea I think Sawyer is more a candidate to replace MIB rather than Jacob.

  2. It would be like Sawyer jumping out of the helicoptor. We all think it’s heroic until Kate talked to Sawyer’s baby mama (can’t remember her name right now). Then we find out he did it out of cowardness. I don’t know if backing into the position would work.

  3. Both Sawyer and Jack to me qualify as good-hearted people, even though Sawyer killed and scammed in the flashbacks. Maybe that was because of Jacob’s influences. In the SLU, Sawyer has apparently not killed, and may come to grips with his hatred for the man who was responsible for his parent’s deaths. Sawyer does seem more likely to be able to carry out long plots and manipulations like Jacob has apparently carried out, whereas Jack seems a bit more immediate-goal oriented. So I think I like this theory, especially if it will end with Sawyer taking one of the two roles. He seems more fit for the job than Jack.

  4. as much as i dont want jack to take over as jacob, mostly cuz he gets on my nerves, i dont think it will be sawyer. i dont like the idea of anyone taking over jacob’s job, in my opinion it’s gana end some other way

  5. yea but Sawyers ex was a woman scorned so I don’t think her opinion should be taken at this point.The experiences on island have caused the losties to change and we can definatly see a positive change in Sawyer since he first came to the island.I know I definatly want to believe he did it to help the rest of the people on the helicopter.If I am remebering correctly he knew that the helicopter was heading off island before he got on board.So if he didn’t really want to get off the island why get on board in the first place.Would he still have jumped off if the fuel tank wasn’t leaking?This is why I believe he did it to help the other passengers.At least to help Kate!

  6. Thanks for the comments guys, this was my first post. I’m not sure this will happen, it seems jack will take over, but I could see a big twist, like Jack dying and Sawyer stepping up. Or the realization that Jacob is a bad guy and MIB was right all along..

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