We should all know by now that the Lost crew don’t do things accidentally; that every split second of aired footage is intentional. Well in the past two episodes I have noticed microwaves being in the flash-sideways. I’m thinking that they weren’t shown accidentally, and that they mean something to the plot. Every time I think about it I am reminded of the Season 4 finale with the chamber at the Dharma site whose name I can’t remember. Just wanted to know your thoughts on this…

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5 thoughts on “Microwaves?

  1. Microwaves = radiation?

    Women cant give birth due to being affected by radiation let off by some cataclysmic event, such as an atomic bomb going off? The end of mankind as predicted by the Valenzetti equation?

  2. I noticed this as well. Both Ben and Sawyer use the mircrowave and the camera strangely focuses on it.

    The DI station you a referring to is called The Orchid. Behind that chamber is the FDW

  3. My guess would be that it alludes to the return of everyones favorite crazy scientist…Daniel Faraday…

    Michael Faraday created the Faraday Cage…
    There has been a lot of talk about Faraday Cages early on in the show, and there is no better, more simple example of a Faraday Cage than a microwave…

    Doctor whos brilliant idea of setting Jugghead off could very wee have caused the “cage” type of effect/radius that surrounds the island…

  4. It was also a microwave timer that signalled the beginning of Des’s consciousness flashes. Is it a signal that the timelines are going to come together / cross over somehow?

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