flash sideways are the end of the show

We are already seeing the end of the show.  The flash sideways are actually flash forwards.

I’m guessing the hero ( jack? ) defeats the MIB and time travels and/or resets the island back 20

or 30 years ( whatever ) so everyone’s life is also reset e.g. hurley is lucky, sawer is a cop, 815

never crashes and so on.

This means we wasted 6 years watching the show because with the reset none of it took place.

Maybe I’m a 100% wrong and need to reset my theory otherwise this would make the show a long con.

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5 thoughts on “flash sideways are the end of the show

  1. I would hope that if they got a chance to do things over again, it would be with the knowledge of what they already have done wrong so they dont repeat it. Sawyer isnt happy, Kate is still a fugitive….if these are what becomes of the characters still, id be upset.

  2. I also believed this to be the theory some time ago, but do you think we can simplify it so? Would be nice because we have some closure on “what happend next” as it were. But can all other other aspects be explained by this. What about Jack (with his beard) events off island? Did these never happen also? Also where is Christian Shepherd’s body?

  3. Humm… but “merging” could mean exactly that. Once the losties get everything right on the island everything is reset out of the island.

    In the end this whole series can be just a simple stupid idea wrapped in diversions and embellishments to get us hooked.

    If that’s the case I swear that I will never watch anything made by the show writers and producers again.

  4. I belive that the flash sideways are Flockes promises to those he claims on the island (Jack,Sawer,Ben,said,etc.) but with modifications of his own.

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