This Richard based episode better be good!!

After the 8 previous episodes which have been, to be honest, really very poor and boring, this episode about Richard really has to be good; it has got to be a 10/10 episode as i don’t think people will accept any less. I know i won’t!

There can’t be any way that Richard’s story will be boring, can it? As the promo said, he’s the most mysterious man on the Island so the writers can’t mess this episode up, can they?? If it had been any other season, i’d be really looking forward to this episode but after what Season 6 has been like so far, i really don’t know what to expect.

i really, really, REALLY hope that by this time tomorrow, some of my confidence in this season will have been restored. What this space………..

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3 thoughts on “This Richard based episode better be good!!

  1. I really think it was one of the best episodes on the entire series so far. I just wish (as usual) it had delivered a few more answers instead of raising yet more questions.

    But it’s LOST and we all know the drill by now 🙂

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