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I have a quick question, remember when Richard goes to see a very young Locke and Locke chooses the knife (I guess all his life he has desperately tried to be the Hunter), is that the same knife that MIB gives to Ben to stab Jacob? And did anyone notice that he picked up the knife, wiped off the blood on a piece of Jacob’s tapestry and put said piece of tapestry it in his pocket? What could that mean?
This is actually pulled from one of my theories, here’s the link
if you would like to know the question in it’s full contexual meaning (but it really isnt that important, unless you are just bored/curious and wasting time until Lost comes on).

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Hi. I am an uber Lost fan. Admittedly, I jumped on the bandwagon a little late, halfway through the third season but thanks to the DVD's I am all caught up and do frequent re-watches. BTW my new image reflects my love/hate relationship with Lost. I always feel like I am on the verge of blowing up at the end of every episode because when I think I finally figured it out, nope the rug is pulled out.

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  1. I don’t think it was the same knife (the one in Young Locke scene wasn’t so big), but could be wrong. The test scene with Young Locke is a good one to bring up though, and I hope it is resolved (maybe in the Richard-centric show?). Keeping the blood may mean something, given that the rest of Jacob is now ash.

  2. For what I remember it was the same knife Flocke uses to kill Jacob inside the temple. And not the one that Flocke gives Richard on AB Aeternum episode.

    Could be wrong though.

  3. The whole point of that test was to see if young Locke would pick the compass.

    In 1954, John Locke gives the compass to Richard and tells Richard that he is from the future. “Jacob sent me, I will not be born for two years, if you don’t believe me go see for yourself”

    So Richard visits John Locke throughout his life to see if this ‘self prophesied leader of the others’ was the real deal.

    Which one of the objects already belong to you? It was the compass because Locke gave the compass to Richard before he was even born. Nothing else belonged to him, it was all to throw him off from picking the compass.

  4. @Joshcgs, if the whole point of Richard showing all those objects to young Locke was to see if he took the compass alone, why was Richard “confused” about Locke taking the knife only? Why was he not as perplexed/aggravated that he took the vial of sand/ash as well?

    I agree that it was meant to be the same compass that Locke gave to Richard in the army camp (even though the props dept. messed that one up in production) but it seemed as if it was going good until the knife..

    “Sand, okay… compass, okay… knife, ugh, what a waste of time.”

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