Hurley’s days are numbered

With MIB looking on, Richard and Hurley have there little seance together. Flocke may not know exactly what’s being said, but he was on his way to accept Richard’s offer to defect. Seeing Hurley convince Richard otherwise probably made him a little mad. I think MIB is going to have a mission for Sayid to kill Hurley soon.

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7 thoughts on “Hurley’s days are numbered

  1. Also, if MIB knows that Hurley sees dead people, he can appear as Charlie for example and walk Hurley right into a death trap. I agree totally that Hurley isn’t going to make it off the island alive.

  2. Roland, if any character on Lost has ‘legs’ to go the distance, it is Hurley. He is the most beloved character on the show. It is those abilities to communicate with the ‘dead’ that will be required, IMO.

    I doubt the writers would want to alienate viewers by ‘killing off’ his character until more towards the end of the season….but you never know.

  3. Coming from a Joss Whedon background in television I am going to prepare myself for any beloved-character-deaths, just incase! Although I think as long as Sawyer & Jack are around – they will not let anything happen to Hurley if they can help it. Sawyer may currently be on MIB’s “side” but we know deep down he still cares about his friends, and I think both Jack and Sawyer obtain the necessary leadership/protector qualities to ensure that Hurley is safe if he gets into trouble. I hope.

  4. Hurley and Jack are probably the safest characters on the show… Jack looks to be the candidate who will be selected and Hurley is the only one who can talk to Jacob which seems to be fairly essential. Unless either of those two things change these two are going to make it… probably.

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