Ricardos, Richard… Richard, Ricardos

Does anyone remember in Season 3 when (A 9-10 year old) Ben undid the sonic fence and ran off into the jungle looking for his mother?

He came face to face with Ricardos for the first time, i say Ricardos because
Richard has Shaggy clothes on similar to the ones he wore on the Black Rock
and he had long hair and a fair bit a stubble.
That must have been around 1971-2 considering Ben is younger than when the losties traveled back

Now remember back to about 1955 when Locke was a boy living with his foster family, Richard turned up to interview Locke for his ‘Special school’ Richard was clean shaven with a suit and a hair cut, upon noticing the Picture of The black smoke attacking what looked like an older Locke; i dont understand why richard was so quick to react when Locke chose the ‘wrong’ object. But nonetheless.

My point is that Richard in 1955 was the Richard we see now, but in 1971 Ricardos looks the same as he did from 1867, Exept with less hair. Now if this is Intentional why would Richard dress up like that to speak to Ben, If Ben WAS the person he was hoping to run into out there; as we know four years later he looked the same as we see him now with his short hair.

Either this is a continuity error
Richard dressed up like that to talk to Ben
Richard dressed up like that for another reason and ran into Ben
Or he somehow travelled back to 1955 to see Locke off the island, which is ilogical because we know that the only reason he went to see Locke is because Locke told him to go to see him at his birth in 1944. When they were

So why Ricardos to Richard to Ricardos to Richard?

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3 thoughts on “Ricardos, Richard… Richard, Ricardos

  1. I think i read a theory on here saying..
    because MIB touched Ricardo in the Black Rock, he gave himself the ability to transform himself into him (ricardo). So maybe that was actually smokey talking to Ben but in the disguise of Ricardo.

    But then again, that wouldnt make much sense because Richard knew who Ben was when he got shot and welcomed him as an other..

    So to answer your question.. I he no clue. What a waste of a comment haha!

  2. I’ve actually thought about this before, and was discussing with a friend…

    Remember when Richard popped out of the jungle when Hurley and Jack were arguing over “which way was to the temple” in one of the recent eps? And Jack asked him where he came from and Richard said “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Jack then said, try me, and Richard responded something to the effect of “Not yet.”

    We came to the conclusion that another aspect of Jacob’s gift to Richard was the ability to time flash…

    I want to believe that there’s an explanation for what you’re asking and not just a continuity error (though yes, they are fallible on LOST even though some refuse to believe this, lol). They showed him too many times as the clean-cut Richard for that to be a coincidence.

    Good question, I don’t remember seeing it posted before, so hopefully people will start putting in their thoughts. 🙂

  3. I wonder if different people somehow see Richard differently. Ben expected Richard to look they way we saw him because the DI kind of saw them as savages.

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