Smokey can be in more than one place at once

When Smokey posed as Richard’s wife in the Black Rock, he also managed to cast shadows and make sounds that appeared to come from outside the ship. This seems to indicate that Smokey can be in more than one place at once. This also reminds me a bit of how Flocke disappeared behind a pillar in the statue and Smokey showed up from outside the statue. I’m not saying it must have huge implications, but this is definitely how things seem to me.

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10 thoughts on “Smokey can be in more than one place at once

  1. when i was watching the episode i was wondering what the hell was going on but yeah i think we’ve seen smokey split on a couple of occasions so good point there 😉

  2. Yeah, we have seen him split into 3 at least one time in the show. The producers have confirmed that the name “Cerberus” is correct when refering to the black smoke (as seen on the blast door map),and if someone already did not know, Cerberus is the 3 headed dog (or whatever creature) that guard hell (or more precisely Hades).

    So yeah,it makes sense,it was cool that they finally sort of “confirmed” to us that he could be at more than one place at once.
    Another thing that one has to have caution is the difference between aparitions of dead people (that are not a prsonification of the black smoke),and the personificationof dead people from the black smoke. But in this episode we can confirm that Richard cannot see dead people (as can Hurley).

    I have always wondered what Hurley sees when he sees a personification of a dead people from MIB. How can he tell the difference? I mean, he could most likely see the real dead Locke for crying out load! Or am I in this last thought alone? Hasn’t anyone already thought of that too?

    Comments received gladly.

  3. Mamey, I don’t think Hurley can easily tell the difference between real people, Smokey apparitions/personifications and ghosts.

    Remember that Ghost Jacob had to point out to Hurley that others would not be able to see him.

  4. Duh! You’re right il-shad-stat! Thanx, guess Hugo will be very surprised if he sees the real dead Locke and then Flocke, he will be very confused!

  5. I can’t get over the total lack of communication and cooperation between the people on the Island.

    When you’ve experienced something strange that your friends ought to know, you tell them! You don’t just wait until the poor guy finds out by himself and then ask “oh, you didn’t know?”.

  6. Hurley cannot readily determine if people who come to him are dead or not, unless he knows of that person’s death. This was evidenced in the scene in the cab when he first meets Jacob outside the jail. Hurley asks Jacob “Are you dead?” after Jacob calls Hurley by his name.

  7. The smoke monster is everywhere and can be in two places is a concept I would have to agree with, well spotted. It reminds me of the beast/monster in Lord Of The Flies, who was omnipotent, ubiquitous. It is everywhere. Tonights episode about Ricardus was so enjoyable. I wonder if someone can count how many times the words “Hell” and “Devil” were mentioned? Funny they never mentioned the word God.

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