The Rules, The Rules

So that episode really got me thinking about the rules and the loophole and how they connect to the candidates.
Jacob says that even if he is killed, someone will take his place – the candidates. So for MIB to get off the island, he has to kill the candidates and then Jacob. The little boy reminding MIB of the rules while he was walking with Sawyer, got me thinking – what if the rules are that MIB can’t kill the candidates? That would explain why he scans some and kills others. People seem to be able to become uncandidated without dying eg Straume, maybe Kate… Does this explain Eko? The first time he was scanned he was still a candidate but by the second time he wasn’t and could then be killed. Has MIB used his appearances to manipulate others to kill candidates – Nikki and Paulo – MIB was a key part in that but didn’t actually do the deed.
The loophole then, how to make sure all candidates are out of the picture before killing Jacob. The remaining 6 candidates were either dead (Locke) or in 1977 (now assuming Kwon is Jin) when MIB has Jacob killed (again not by himself), therefore no one to take over. Jacob’s line of “They’re coming” fits perfectly – the candidates are coming back to this time period, it’s not over yet.

Another aspect of the loophole is getting inside the foot – if only Jacob can invite people in. Jacob has bestowed Richard with a ‘gift’ to be his representative. His representative could also have the power to grant entrance. But Richard is only going to let the leader of the others in right? So the ‘you have no idea what I’ve been through to get here’ starts with Flocke getting Richard to pass on the you have to go back and get the others (the candidates) back here by dying instructions to a time travelling Locke. That then sets in motion the events which lead to Richard believing Locke is the rightful leader and then accepting Flocke as such in 2007, letting him and Ben into the foot – dead Jacob. That’s one hell of a way to get inside a foot. It also links to MIB manipulating the candidates to come back to the island where they can be nicely removed to another time period. How? still working on the exact details but depending on how much MIB knows about the FDW, the energy on the island and time jumping and possibly the future – this manipulation isn’t that far fetched. He didn’t count on something changing at the incident at the swan station which has lead to the alt timeline and the losties back in 2007. Now he has to change his plan, but he still can’t kill the candidates so he is going to need to come up with a way for them to die in other ways (sending Sawyer to Hydra to run into a gun toting group of Widmore employees??)
Hope this makes sense as it’s late at night for me and I’m rambling a bit and not really sure how to write down how I see the big picture in my head. I need a whiteboard and a video feed so I can wave my hands around a bit 🙂

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11 thoughts on “The Rules, The Rules

  1. im definitely on board because i made a theory earlier that he couldn’t kill candidates, at least not directly. i like how you tie it in with other parts of the show, it works well.

  2. I’m on board, too. Last night brought on the scan idea to me, too. (Of course, that would mean Ricardo was/is a candidate … which would be perfect, ‘cuz he’s eternal!)

  3. Tas–I also think that MIB/Smokey cannot kill candidates itself, but they can die at the hands of other people or animals on the island. I think that is partially what Ilana is protecting them from–other people and the manipulations of Flocke (which is probably the same thing!). Maybe the other part of the protection she will offer is from themselves….

  4. ” People seem to be able to become uncandidated without dying eg Straume, maybe Kate… Does this explain Eko? ”

    I’m not sure if Eko was ever a candidate? Was his name ever seen on the wheel or the cave? I think I have an answer for you about Eko’s Journey that fits perfectly into your theory.

    Short answer: Eko was used by the MIB to get John Locke on the right path so he can pull off his plan to kill Jacob.

    Long answer: (when i wrote this i was calling MIB – Nemesis)
    Nemesis found his Loophole when a time traveling John Locke came out the jungle in the 50’s. He somehow had the foresight to see that he could have a chance to have Jacob Killed by using this knowlage.
    about two weeks after they crash Jacob presented Locke with the hatch so Locke could regain his faith back. Nemesis wanted Locke to find the others and Ben so his plan can continue. (I thought we were talking about Eko??)

    well, In one of Lockes dreams that are controlled by the nemesis- Eko’s drug plane then flies in overhead, towards a cliff in the background. Then we see Locke’s mother Emily, pointing towards the plane. Nemesis took Emily from John’s memory when Smokey scanned him. Nemesis is showing John that he needs to go to this area, not to the plane but to the Pearl Station. Locke gets the wrong idea. If Locke had found the Pearl station back in season 1, he would have made it to Nemesis a lot quicker. He would have been able to see Mikhail Bakunin in the Flame, which would have led him to Ben and his plan could continue.

    But… John gets into the hatch, which pleases Jacob and ends up pushing the button. John regains his faith and grows stronger but most of all he keeps John away from Nemesis. Being confined to the hatch every day. In comes Eko. Nemesis has big plans for Eko. In fact, Nemesis has already influenced Eko into carving an inscription on his stick. “Lift up your eyes and look north” – John 3:05. If you watch season 2 again, you’ll notice that after John and Eko first meet, there are many times when Eko’s stick is right there in front of Locke. At one point he actually picks it up and reads it, Unfortunately he doesn’t catch on. So season 2 carries on, Locke is stuck in the hatch and nothing is getting him out. Until that is, he sees the map on the blast door. Nemesis uses this to his advantage. By this point, Eko has been scanned by the monster. So Nemesis uses Yemi, through Eko’s dreams and Locke’s dreams to get them to the Pearl Station. This is where Locke finally starts to lose his faith in the hatch. He starts to believe that its all just an experiment which then leads him to destroy the computer, and the hatch is finally gone forever and Nemesis plan can finally start.

    What’s the first thing that happens to Locke after the hatch implodes? He wakes up in the jungle, opens his eyes and what comes flying out the air straight for him? Eko’s stick. Coincidence? Nemesis wasted no time at all in getting John on the path to him. Nemesis took Locke’s ability to speak so that John would think he needed to speak to the island. He actually is talking to the Devil. So John builds a sweat lodge, and eats some of his home made LSD. This gives Nemesis another chance to talk to John in person. After a slightly disturbing trip round the airport, Locke makes it up the escalator to a pool of blood. Yet again, Eko’s stick is the first thing he touches and Nemesis tells John he needs to clean up his own mess. Locke comes out of the tent, and Nemesis has given him back his voice.

    Eko still had work to do so Nemesis sends Locke off to the polar bear cave; He rescues Eko and takes him to safety. Nemesis then steps in again as Locke is talking to an unconscious Eko:

    “Locke: I’m sorry, I’m sorry I ever doubted you. I’m sorry I gave up my faith in the island. I’m mixed up. Now our people are captured. If I’d just listened to you. If I’d just let you keep pushing the button I could have protected them, I could have saved them.

    Eko opens his eyes.

    Eko(Nemesis): You can still protect them. You can still save them.

    Locke: I don’t even know where they are.

    Eko(Nemesis): You can find them. After all, you are a hunter, John.
    This entire time Eko is really out cold.

    When Eko gets back to the beach, Yemi leads him back to the Pearl. Locke follows and sees Mikhail in the flame. He returns to find Eko dead, killed by Nemesis/Smokey because he had no more use for him. While battering Eko’s stick into his grave, finally John sees the message that was written on Eko’s stick for him weeks ago.

    John follows the compass bearing, North 3:05. This leads him to the flame where he can finally talk to Mikhail who lets him in on some of the secrets of the Dharma Initiative. Sayid cleverly finds the map of the Barracks that leads them to Ben. Nemesis now has Locke on the path he wants.

    Sorry that was so long but it was the Long answer.

  5. Thanks Wharfrat, that makes heaps of sense. I found as I was thinking about this idea that so many of these big, long term pictures start to make a bit of sense. Lostpedia is unsure as to whether Tundle is actually Eko’s last name and we haven’t been shown all of the names, so it was a possibly thought.
    The other event that fits this is Jack falling off the cliff. Christian appears (with Smokie sound effects) and has Jack follow him only to run off the edge of a cliff. if Locke hadn’t stopped him, he’d be dead. Or did MIB use that incident to further emphasise to Locke how special he was, or both.

  6. bloody hell Wharfrat77, I bow down to your post. Great details and fits in within the whole “temptation” elements of Don MIB. MIB just manipulates these people, tempting them like the snake. Very good episode.

  7. I’m on board w/ this too… MIB wants all the candidates dead, last weeks episode made it obvious that their is always a replacement for ‘Jacob’, but I believe MIB has been trapped on ‘the island’ for some time w/ different people in the ‘jacob’ role…

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