As I was rewatching last weeks episode before the Richard episode, a couple of things stuck out to me. When Claire apologises to Kate she says something like “Thanks for looking out for me.” It seems simple enough since Kate took care of Aarom for her. But that’s the problem. Kate looked out for Aaron not Claire. The only time recently that Kate looked out for Claire was in the alt timeline (it was somewhat a relief not to watch the alt timeline in Richards episode). I think the timelines bled through to each other right then but it was really easy to miss.

Another thing I noticed was that Smocke seemed almost as crazy as Sayid or Claire when he was talking to Kate. The more I think about the infection the more I believe the show is going to turn into being about stopping a virus from spreading. The writers have said Lost is primarily a scifi show and what could be more scifi than a virus. From War of the Worlds, when our germs killed the invader, to the Andromeda Strain, where a meteor crashed into a satellite and brought a virus back to Earth which, besides causing blood to coagulate and turn to powder, makes people crazy, homicidal and suicidal. Perhaps if Smocke gets off the island the infection would spread everywhere. He seems to have the same symptoms as Claire and Sayid, too. A little off his rocker and able to function, but very blood thirsty, too. I think there will be more to Lost than just being about a virus (I hope so) but I think it will factor in heavily the rest of the show.

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8 thoughts on “Rewatch

  1. It’s very similar to what I’ve been saying. Jacob is having to use the island as a prison for MIB. If MIB gets off the island – the infection would spread and effectively “end the world”.

    The candidates, as we know, are the numbers. AND the numbers are what is needed to save the world (valenzetti).

    What if MIB isn’t the bad guy though?

  2. i just want to commend you Roland on actually bothering to rewatch an episode of Season 6; apart from Ab Aeterno, i am not going to waste my time rewatching any of the other episodes.

  3. People take the word infected way to literally. He is evil, the show is about not letting evil off the island and not allowing it to spread and causing a Hell on Earth. Its not a sickness, its Darkness/Evil.

  4. Once it’s done I probably will have to wait a couple of years to rewatch it if I ever do.
    @ Hurley. It’s been staring us in the face for years now. Starting with quarantine being on the hatch door. There is something more going on that I can’t figure out. That’s one of the reasons I love this show and rewatch episodes.

  5. Hmmmm… if Smokey is host to a virus, then maybe Dharma knew this and that’s why they had the fence to keep him out. Maybe that’s why Desmond and Kevin (?) injected themselves with some kind of medicine every day and wore a type of haz mat suit when they went outside. Its kinda all making sense… well, besides how a smoke monster exists in the first place. 😛

  6. I third I_Am_Jacon and SawyerGirl. A lot of this season has been utter trash. That’s why we’re gonna get a major kick in the face when they reveal that Jacob actually has evil intentions.

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