Black Rock Error or on purpose?

Written 24th March

After watching ”Ab Aeterno” I noticed that The Black Rock crashed onto the island in the middle of a storm,also at night. However, in the season 5 finale,the Black Rock is seen to be approaching the island in the middle of the day and on very calm seas. How could the producers make such an error?

This was either a huge mistake or was left in as it is majorly relavent. Maybe the ship we saw in the season 5 finale was not the black rock at all, Jacob does mention that he had brought others to the island before. However that would just lead to more questions and we are running out of time for answers.

Also, I am sure a number of others also picked up on the fact tht Richard’s flashback takes place in 1867, however the Black rock supposedly set sail in 1845, with its ledger discovered in 1852.

Suggestions, problems all welcome thanks.

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