Magnus Hanso Hires Richard!

Written 24th March

In last nights episode I got so excited when we learned that the man who was hiring Richard was Magnus Hanso was the great grandfather of Alvar Hanso. Alvar is the one responsible for the Valenzetti Equation and is linked with Dharma. I was a little surprised that right when Richard is waking up we learn that Hanso is dead. I thought for sure he would live and then would be the one who started to first learn of the islands magic properties and we would see him exploring the island once they crashed. Maybe when they said they were going to the “new world” they were referring to the island all along. Also, the blast door map contains the notation “known final resting place of Magnus Hanso/Black Rock” (lostpedia) which appears to be near the black rock. I’m really hoping more about the start of Dharma comes out in the episodes to come.

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