Why pregnant women die on the island.

Written 24th March

If you watched the “enhanced” version of the season 5 finale, the pop-ups will have told you that the Tawaret statue represents Tawaret, the goddess of fertility. My theory is that when that statue went down, it messed with something on the island, causing pregnant women to die on the island (Sorry if someone else has already posted this theory!).

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I stumbled on to LOST almost on accident. Sick at home on a weekend, looked for shows to watch at home, and came on LOST. After episode 1, there was no going back, blazing through the first five seasons and it is now my favorite all-time show.

3 thoughts on “Why pregnant women die on the island.

  1. Explain Claire? Danielle Rosseau?
    They both later become insane or infected to.

    I was thinking what if….?
    The Statue of Tawaret is corrupted by evil/devil. Maybe Jacob has something to do with living under the statue. Maybe Jacob is bad.

  2. But Sun did conceive on the island and the statue was already broken at the time of Ji Yeon’s conception. So, how does that work then? If you’re going to say Ji Yeon was born because Sun left the island..then the statue being broken really can’t be proven to affect births because we’ve never seen a full 9 month pregnancy play out on the show. We just take what Juliet says as the truth.

    Additionally, if a fertility statue were broken, I would assume women couldn’t conceive in the first place because the womb has to be fertile for the seed to be well-received. ( Broken statue should mean unfertile women on the island.

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