Did Isabella really say that?!

Written 24th March

Now, I only speak English, so I could have missed something, but at no point in the subtitles did I read anything that Isabella said regarding MIB being stopped. In fact, we didn’t even see her talking to Hurley without a translation at any point in the exchange…did we? And Hurley says something like, “You got it.” to someone after we notice Isabella disappear…so, could it be that Jacob showed up and told Hurley to tell Richard that Isabella gave the instruction? Maybe Jacob was able to bring Isabella to Richard?

I don’t know for sure, but if Jacob is now manipulating Richard with his dead wife, then it turns Jacob into a slightly different character, doesn’t it?

Or…did I miss something? Did she really say that?

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One thought on “Did Isabella really say that?!

  1. I think maybe we just werent shown everything that they were saying to eachother.. I think its because, if anyone who watches the show speaks Spanish, then when Hurley says ‘we all go to hell’ it wouldnt have been such a shock because they would have just heard him and Isabella have the conversation.. Get what i mean? 😉

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