Sun the Candidate?

Written 24th March

So first I have to give credit to Achalli and his theory that he just recently posted titled Jinn

After reading that theory i decided to do a little research on Sun.  If Jin is in fact genie like then we must look at what would contain it.  In doing so, I looked at Jin’s partner Sun.  I then came upon the Greek god RA which many of you will know is the sun god for the Egyptians.  So lets look at the sun God RA.  I first read that Ra is said to place order in Chaos.  We have seen time and again where Sun takes chaos and makes things alright.  Early in the first couple of seasons, we see how the chaos between Jin’s language barrior and everyone else is eventually settled with Sun.

Then we look at the black monster.  Chaos is seen as complete disorder and confusion.  However, chaos was also a greek God who was surrounded by gloomy air and mist.  If we take the two into account it makes the black monster seem like some type of chaos. As we have seen already Jacob is containing that Chaos on the island and since he is now dead, something else is going to have to.

Knowing this, it means that RA or sun would have to protect the island from this chaos.  Another interesting thing I found out was Ra’s children.  Taweret, which is said to be the statue that was recently destroyed, is said to be one of the children of Ra.

The last thing that I found very interesting was where Ra was worshiped.  Those who worshiped Ra were fond on an isolated region separate from others.

Keeping all this in mind I was just very interesting that if Jinn seems so evil then Sun must be the savior in all this…just thought it was interesting when reading that about Jin how good of a candidate sun looks now.

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2 thoughts on “Sun the Candidate?

  1. Hmm, I kind of like this idea of Sun/Jin being complementing figures, it kind of makes sense.

    I never thought of them in that way, since both Sun and Jin are just common Korean names, so it’s great to see this interpretation. Great going on Ra being the parent of Tawaret and worshippers being isolated.

    I think the idea that Tawaret worshippers are isolated makes a lot of sense and you’re def on to something on that vein.

    I found your post super interesting, even though I recently wrote one that pretty much contradicts what you wrote hehe. Here’s mine in case you wanted to read it:

    It’s mostly about how I think Sun, though a candidate, may have fallen into temptation since we are always seeing that though she is very kind/motherly in ways, she is also very cunning and operates to save her skin. So I’m almost saying she’s the anti-candidate. Haha…

    I still liked your post though.

  2. Thanks, yea I’m not really expecting to see Sun as the candidate just the different readings that I came across made a very interesting point. I just put it out there as my sleeper pick for the candidate that is chosen. Thanks for the post

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