Everything is what is seems

I’ve seen a lot of people doubting the elements of the show that at least are supposed to appear “obvious” lately. Well, I believe that the writers are done messing with our heads. I think that, in season six, everything is what is appears. Jacob is good, MIB is evil, the Island is the cork, the alt. timeline is just an alt. timeline (I’m less sure on that, though), MIB is the Smoke Monster, and Charles Widmore is against MIB. Isn’t it possible that they’re done confusing us?

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Mixen Dixon

Hey, I'm Mixen Dixon. I'm a somewhat nerdy teenager, being very enthusiastic about theoretical physics and computers (check me out on LOST is one of my favorite shows. I love to figure out scientific explanations of things that occur in LOST, which is why Daniel Faraday was my fav. character until he died. Too bad.

5 thoughts on “Everything is what is seems

  1. along those lines…i was thinking seasons ago that in the last season everything would be as it seems. Not because theyre done messing about, but because theyve conditioned us to expect a twist or misdirection. So doing the straightforward thing becomes the unexpected thing.

  2. It’s possible. Are people really going to be satisfied with the ending if there’s not a major curve ball being thrown?

    The last seven episodes aren’t going to be very engaging if it’s literally all about some people having to sacrafice themselves to keep MIB from escaping the island….or something along those lines.

    There are still a couple SERIOUS questions that have yet to be answered, and probably for good reason. Whatever the case may be, we still have a lot to learn.

  3. You’re probably right – this is the payoff. We’ll see most of the characters ‘cuz they don’t want to disappoint. A little mystery here/there – but no *big* surprises (except as an explanation of what we’ve seen and only ‘cuz we didn’t see it coming.)

    The ‘Alt’ timeline, though is the island crashing.

  4. I kinda hope not.. This season hasnt been great so if there are no mysteries to keep me entertained then im not gonna be a satisfied bear

  5. Possible…yes. Probable…no!

    I agree with ekolocation – I think that so far, it is what it is.

    BUT – I’m sure there are still some big *gasps* to be had. I trust Cuse and Lindelhof to keep it good!

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