Island under water isn’t evil escaped and some other thoughts…

Written 25th March

Hi guys, I haven’t seen this post yet but if you’ve said something similar the credit is yours, blah blah blah.

I feel as if the “sexy” theory right now is that the island is underwater in the “alt” because the evil has escaped and I just don’t agree with that.  Maybe the island is underwater because it is no longer needed because the evil has been destroyed.  Maybe Jack (assuming he replaces Jacob) determines that by sinking the island they can destroy the evil altogether.  There is something to be said about water on the island.  When Ben summons the smoke he drains a pool of water, the smoke shows up and kills the freighter militants.  Why can Ben summon the smoke?  How does he know how?  Is Ben going to turn out to know more than we think he knows now that he seems somewhat lost himself?

The “alt” doesn’t feel evil.  Jack helps his son get over his daddy issues. Locke comes to grips with his disability.  Ben makes the right choice this time and does the right thing and allows Alex to get into Yale.  See where I’m going?  Why do we think that the evil has escaped in the alt?  Maybe it never existed to begin with.  Roger “Workman” Linus did state that they were on the island previously in the alt and they left of their own free will.  It feels if that is the case then there may have been no one there directing people one way or the other.

Also, why does Ben say that the smoke is the Island’s security system?  Doesn’t sound to me like he views it as such a bad thing.  He certainly wasn’t running from it when it killed everyone in the statue.  Deep down I wonder if Jacob is bad and MIB is good, but I don’t think they are going to totally flip the switch on us at this point.  I feel as if they are just setting up from the home stretch here.  We’ve got to get the Jack/Christian Showdown at some point soon.  I liked the idea someone had that Jack will NOT kill his father unlike Locke (Sawyer did his dirty work) and Ben did as these were most likely tests on the part of Jacob since Richard I believe is the one who instructed them to do the deed.  Jack will be the one who will forgives instead of holds his grudges and kills making him the exception to the years and years of Jacob’s failures.  Anyways, I think that’s all I’ve got right now.  I should probably get back to work.  Thanks for reading guys.


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2 thoughts on “Island under water isn’t evil escaped and some other thoughts…

  1. And the house that Ben summons the monster was Horace’s house before it was Ben’s… did he know about the summoning pit too? Remember MiB manipulates EVERYTHING on the island damn near so its possible the Others believe just what he wants them to about the Black Smoke.

    I also thought that the flooded island might be the result of the new Protector of the Island flooding it to stop Smokey, and going down with the ship. But it would really suck for one of the candidatesto take over, and right away have to sacrifice their life to stop Flocke.

    The whole Christian thing really has me stumped. If he isnt Smokey in disguise, then how does he get into the chamber with the FDW. How would he know about the “sacrifice” that Locke was told would have to happen. How could Claire associate her father, and her friend, without someone posing as Christian that is a bad guy? Ive tried to put a theory that when we see Christian we are actually seeing Jacob’s predecessor, or maybe Jacob or MiB’s father. But I always come back to that scene in the frozen chamber……..

  2. What if … the MIB just wants to go home? He’s not evil, he’s the security system – and he thinks it’s dumb because people are just naturally evil, so what’s the point of being stuck on an island protecting people from the evil they naturally cause.

    BTW: Many a Friday Night convinces me that alcohol is an EXCELLENT example of evil trapped in a bottle 😉

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