“look I don’t know if you’re just lonely, or guilty, or completely mad..”

Written 22nd March

..this is something that Charlotte said to Sawyer when he went to visit her with the sunflower in the alt. timeline in “Recon”.

The reason why this quote stuck out in my mind, is right after I had finished chuckling to myself about Kate yelling for Sayid’s help while Claire was trying to stab her – I was thinking that Sayid’s zombie-like state may not actually be him “being a zombie”, but him being completely overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt. We have been told that both Claire and Sayid have been infected or claimed. But they are not behaving the same way, Claire has gone all crazy (although I think Kate is “making” her better..) and Sayid now seems to be the embodiment of guilt.

When Kate asks Sayid if he is alright and he says no, I believe that Sayid’s response of “no” was one embodied in remorse and sorrow. Sayid is most probably feeling this guilt for the deaths that he has caused, pre and/or post his “death” – I am not sure. I wasn’t sure why I thought of the term “embodiment of guilt” when interpreting the current portrayal of Sayid’s character so I decided to google it and what do I find – a page result referencing Oedipus Rex 😛 I’m not going to go into Oedipus Rex or the Oedipus Complex theory as I have seen it mentioned lots of times in other people’s theories, I just thought it rather fitting that my interpretation of Sayid’s behaviour lead me to Oedipus, while watching an episode with MIB describing his mother and his growing pains.

“look I don’t know if you’re just lonely, or guilty, or completely mad..” – Jack said to Locke in The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham “maybe you’re just a lonely old man that crashed on an island.” Sayid has always been pretty guilty of all the stuff he’s done anyway. And Claire is completely mad. I don’t think Charlotte is key to anything, but I think maybe her words were meant to mean something, and maybe symbolise attributes of the MIB which we are now seeing in Sayid and Claire.

Sorry this is not a theory, or a question, so i’m going to put this in the “General” category, as there is no category for “Random Thoughts”! 🙂

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