MIB Snaps/Valenzetti Equation

MIB smashing jacobs gift set me to thinking. This season has been pretty straight forward with all of its’ “answers” so I’m going to take a wagg at the breaking bottle and tie it in with a few things.

The others and Dharma were separate groups as were the army cats who brought the bomb over. It’s pretty obvious to me that MIB snapped when Jacob brought the black rock. I think this is the first time smokey wastes people outright and I agree with a lot of others on here that this was the first assassination attempt. I also believe that smokey began to bring people to the island from that point forward to “break the bottle”.

When Jacob and MIB are talking he seems frustrated but he says specifically that “they” corrupt and destroy etc. I think that before the black rock, he also let newbies to the island play out the game, but he had had enough and he went on a rampage finding one of the slaves “richard” plyable enough to convince to try and kill jacob. When he couldn’t at first pop jacob out of the way he decided he would have to destroy the island. This lead to two attempts that we know of.
In 1954 someone brings an atomic bomb to the Island and the group of others, partially made up of converted army folk, seize and bury it. This would have been MIB’s first attempt to destroy the island.
Jacob now has a contingent of people who follow his nudges through Richard and a “leader” to help him safeguard the island against not only MIB escaping, but also now that mans destructive power has grown, against MIB manipulating people into destroying his cage.

At this point Jacob realizes MIB will probably succeed someday in killing him and decides he needs candidates to replace him. He could also have realized it after the first assassinaiton attempt but after the bomb he knows it is possible for MIB to make contact off Island to bring what he needs to him. His own game of bringing people to the island is turned against him.

Enter Dharma. Fueled by the valenzetti equation and somehow influenced by Magnus Honzo -dead captain-. they come to the Island. I think MIB didn’t kill everyone on the black rock, but perhaps helped a few get off the island to bring back Dharma. MIB’s goal is the destruction of the bottle itself and so he influences people to tamper with the powers on the island because he knows it will in the end, shatter the island.
Ok so Dharma and the H-Bomb are two attempts to destroy the bottle.

Widmore is approached by smokey to help him, but Widmore sees an opportunity to try and play Jacob against MIB and have the island for himself. His plans are thrown awry but not wholly de-railed by his expulsion.

Long theory short, MIB’s plans got shot to shellfish when his bomb attempt interrupted the Dharma attempt through the losties. He has tried to destroy the island twice and has not succeeded. I’d imagine he was responsible for influencing the programing of the radio tower to bring rousseaux to the island as well, but thats just a guess.

I was going to add a line about how MIB choses who he wastes and who he keeps, but it needs fleshing. I find it interesting that it’s not always the most plyable person. It seems almost random, but I know theres a reason for his tally of terror. He obviously has a list, but for what purpose? another time. Please destroy this theory or discuss.

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4 thoughts on “MIB Snaps/Valenzetti Equation

  1. Chronologically this is how I see it:
    1st revolution of time:
    (A long time ago)- a special island was created (How? no idea) but we know it houses a terrible evil in it. There is also a man there (Jacob) to protect the island and make sure the evil never leaves.
    (Long time ago-1960Â’s)-Throughout time, people have found this island and Jacob gave them free will to try to find their way but the MIB killed them all.

    (1867) – Black rock crashes an everyone onboard is killed including Richard
    (1867-1960Â’s)- People find the island, MIB kills them, Jacob doesnÂ’t interfere.

    (1960Â’s-2004) Time went on and DHARMA found the island and figured out a way to keep the evil out (sonar fences) so the evil could never kill them. DHARMA went on to create stations, barracks, and did their experiments and Jacob let them live in peace to try to prosper. Then sometime after 1992 an incident happened caused by DHARMA, everyone on the island died, the island sunk, and the evil was released out into the world.(this event could have happened anytime between 1992 and 2004). I tend to think this happened just before the FSW plane 815 flew over the recently sunk island. Hence, there was still turbulence but no crash. The energy missed the plane mostly.

    (Sept 22, 2004) desmond doesnÂ’t hit the button, Oceanic 815 doesnÂ’t crash and the MIB is released into the world. We see Oceanic 815 fly over a sunken island and we then see the lives of the people we come to know. In this time (Sawyer as a cop, Jack has a kid, ect…) there is an evil that is slowly taking over the world and soon will infect everybody and lead to doomsday. Jacob knows that doomsday is imminent so he goes back in time to try to change how things play out.

    2nd Revolution of time:
    (1867 take 2)-(These are the scene on the beach and with the wine bottle) MIB is also aware of this reset and he feels trapped again. The only way out is to kill Jacob. MIB starts to work on his loophole. At first he thinks small and gives a guy a knife and says, “Go stab that guy”. Nope, that doesnÂ’t work. Jacob now enlists the help of just recently shipwrecked Richard. And gives him a job and immortality so he can make sure time doesn’t repeat it self and still let people help themselves. Jacob and Richard know they need help and Jacob starts to bring people to the island to 1. Save the island 2. Keep MIB trapped 3. Get rid of (1992 purge) DHARMA before they sink the island and release the evil again. 4. Find a replacement.

    (1950Â’s take 2)- time traveling John Locke prophesizes his own coming. This is when MIB sees how he can kill Jacob. ItÂ’s just going to take 50 years. Jacob also knows about this and wants to find out what thatÂ’s all about. He sends Richard to recruit Locke at a young age.
    (1950Â’s-1990Â’s take 2) All of the Flashbacks and time traveling from the previous seasons occur.
    (1992 take 2)- Jacob orders the purge. DHARMA can’t release MIB now.

    (1990Â’s-2004 take 2) More Flashbacks and Flash forwards from the previous seasons occur. Jacob knows that a plane flew overhead just before MIB was released so he goes to find these people and picks out a few special ones. He brings these candidates to the island to finish his checklist.

    (Sept 22, 2004 take 2) Desmond doesnÂ’t hit the button and 815 Crashes. .
    (2004 take 2)Everything on island from season 1-5 happens.
    (2004-2007) Flash Forwards occur from past seasons.

    (2007)- Jacob is killed and MIB completes his Loophole. But he still needs to escape the island to infect the world. For now Flocke is still on the island but he did some fancy shit there to pull off his loophole and have Jacob Killed. But of course Jacob has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

    This could be the big mind fuck that everyone gets in the last moments. Kind of like “That happened before…wha.. happened before the flashsidways… wha… they were really flash way backs to a previous time line. Wha.. WHA…!!” As the audience we will watch the flash-sideways and see doomsday and Jacob going back to try to change the outcome. Which will lead right into season 1 when we see Jacob trying to stop MIB and MIB trying to find his Loophole. It’s like a wheel it goes round and round. It’s Brilliant!!

    Also check out my Rcord Theory if your interested in the velenzeti eq.

  2. The bottle doesn’t represent the island, the cork does. Jacob said so, so i don’t really think that breaking the bottle means breaking (destroying) the island.

  3. good point Glaw. I was just thinking why would Jacob bring some peeps to the Island with a nuclear weapon? and then the Dharma peeps, even though they kept smokey out, tampered w/ some dangerous stuff.

  4. I like your timeline a lot. Not sure I agree with every assumption within it, but I agree with the general outline of things here. Good “big picture” thinking!

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