my theory on the two flash sideways and the losties.

Written 24th March

Hey I am a newbie so,go easy on me and I am a die hard fan.This my first theory and I have a lot in my head and said you guys on here are the best with this stuff.

Now I Think their are no two flash sideways time line created in the incident.
If what happened happened then if jughead went off did create a new flash sideways time line.Then think about this,that would mean what happened didn’t happen cause if there’s a new flash sideways time line by the incident that would mean all the events leading to jughead going off would have never happened.That should mean 04 flash sideways time line would be the new and only time line.
Back to my main part of my theory is what if the man in black breaks open his prison is able to leave the Island and by break it a mean the Island will be under water.How is going to leave the Island if the one of the losties is going to become the new jacob. I Have only two ways he can leave the Island one kill all the candidates like he said he would do or if he bribes them by saying to them that they can have all their lives back erase your memories of the Island and be happy if you help me break my prison open.I think they will give in by asking for what they want most in their life.Wow if that happens then darkness will enter the world
Now I am making it seem the man in black wins,noway is he going to win.A certain character named Desmond helps are losties to remember what they were suppose to do on the Island to stop the man in black before they made the deal.that would mean the losties in the 04 sideways world will be going on to a mission to put back the man in black in his prison and find out who the new jacob will be.
Now do know somethings cause of some of the spoiler websites that would help my theories,but I respect this site with keep the spoilers to a low as you can.I know I am new ,but I wanted to share with smartest lost fans I have seen online and to bounce Ideas of each other.

p.s.I have two names for the man in black I can’t choose which ones better.
smoke genie or flock genie?

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2 thoughts on “my theory on the two flash sideways and the losties.

  1. I’ve been thinking of the flash sideways like in the book The Dark Tower. The Incident caused a split in time and in the minds of the Losties. They are living 2 lives, on the Island and in the flash sideways. Their minds split in 1977 and they all have a weird sensation that there is some other memories but they can’t recall them (like an itch you can’t reach).
    The Incident caused the plane not to crash which caused them to not be in 1977 to prevent the energy from sinking the Island and in the flash sideways the Island sunk. But the Island also did not sink because they were there to drop the bomb in the hole so there is also a reality where it did not sink. At some point they will do something that will merge these memories. The question I have is will the Island become time become the main reality or will the flash sideways become the main reality? Will they all need to find Constants like Desmond had to with Penny? Will they all be each others constants? Will everyone else merge by dieing while Jack or someone remains behind to guard the Island? The would be bittersweet would it not?

  2. correction when the island goes under water and the man in black is free in 07 it resets every ones lives,not the man in in black grants them their lives back to normal.making the 04world the present time.the island will sink towards the last episodes,making us feel duked.ask your self this why did the producer choose 04 time line?why not 05 or 07.
    i remember the producers say that in la x that the island under water is a huge clue to what there doing.
    1. all the things on the island in 07 are in 04 there’s only the foot to the statue wouldn’t that mean the black rock hit the statue in 04 world can that happen when none of the losties whent to the island they are the same time line.04 is create cause of the man in black gets off the island resetting everything ,but what if are losties realize their destinies in 04 to lock the man in black back to the island and we find out who is the new jacob.
    all the people we have seen in 04 are candidates ,how can there be candidates in the other world .there’s still hope that jacob will be replaced.

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