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Written 24th March

Hey all,

This isn’t a theory, but I was just wondering if anyone else feels the same way I do…

The writers spent an awful lot of time building up questions, and put a whole lot of thought and detail into every single thing that appeared on the screen. It was all so intricate and riveting, and the show always had a certain feeling. However, this season seems lacking to me. There’s something about it that seems very un-LOSTish… To me it’s like the writers spent all that time creating intricate questions and now the answers are being delivered in almost a thoughtless kind of way, the way they’re being thrown out there.
And come on, we waited all that time to see what happened to the statue only to find out that the Black Rock hit it on its way in? It’s a WOODEN SHIP! The wreckage does not resemble that of a ship that just took out a gazillion foot high stone statue.
I also fear that 8 episodes is not going to be enough time to sufficiently answer allll the questions they raised. They still have yet to explain anything about Eko who seemed to have a strange sort of relationship with the Smoke Monster, about Aaron’s role in all of this, why there’s another reality, the reason for all the Egyption references, who the Others are, what’s the deal with Faraday, Eloise, Desmond and Whidmore etc, and why the island has all the electromagnetic properties and why it travels, and soo many more. I just seems like a lot to cram in there in a way that will leave fans satisfied.
I still love the show, but definitely have mixed feelings about this season so far.

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One thought on “Thoughts on the last season

  1. Yeah, I’ve always been excited for a new episode of Lost but this season is lacking for some reason. I’m actually looking more forward to watching the new episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Villians than a new episode of Lost, and I never thought I’d say that. Hopefully tonight’s episode isn’t another filler episode, although Richard’s story was pretty good

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