Why babies couldn’t be born on the island

Written 24th March

This isnt very relevant to recent events but after seeing another post about babies only being able to be born by candidates I wanted to give my idea.

The reason babies were not able to be born is that the island was stuck on repeat in time.  The pressing of the button every 108 minutes was essentially resetting the island back in time every 108 minutes.  The whole goal of the Dharma Initiative seems to be to change one of the numbers to avoid some sort of catastrophe so in order to buy more time they developed the button to give them endless amounts of time.  Since the island is going back and forth between time no new life can be born within that 108 minutes because they cannot have a future.  For example if a baby is born onto the island during this 108 minute time loop it can never mature past 108 minutes.  Its life cannot go forward in time.  This doesnt effect any matured person whether it be a 5 year old or 40 year old because their bodies have already developed.  The first years of a baby require them to develop their muscles, brain, and other organs so never going to the future makes this impossible so eventually they will die.

Now once the button is not pushed the island resumes to present time and then appears again which is what allows the Losties to crash there.  Since the island is no longer on repeat Claire is able to have Aaron without him dying.

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