I want to continue on a theory that Grego posted awhile back about the possibility of Jacob Shape-shifting into animals.  The post was entitled Jacob Shapeshifting.  Look it up, it’s interesting. I am not sure what the proper way of building on someone elses theory is on this site so just know that I have no intention of stealing Grego’s original idea, just wanting to build on it from what I’ve seen recently.

In this last episode Ab Aeterno, I noticed what appeared to be a butterfly (papilio ulysses) that the camera followed up to the Black Rock and into the hull of the ship where Richard was.  You see it the second time it shows the Black Rock in the day light, it’s a blue and black butterfly.  I don’t think the writers would have included this if it wasn’t significant somehow.  Also a day or two later the boar came into the hull snooping around, just like what happened to the survivors of 815 when they first landed.  And the boars were in the fuselage snooping around as well.  Almost like animal spies :o)

Animals do seem to play a significant part of Lost, what do you all think??

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14 thoughts on “Butterfly?

  1. I did see that and didnt know if it was a butterfly or bird. But yeah I thought it was strange that they highlighted like that….it was if it screamed “notice me!”

  2. I really like it. And wasnt Locke fighting with a polar bear back in season 3? Well, perhaps that was Jacob fighting Locke because he knew Locke was heading to “The Dark Side”.

    And also at the very beginning of the show, what is the first thing Jack sees? The dog, vincent! Dog is a mans best friend.

    And what do you get if you write dog backwards? God.

    I noticed the butterfly straight away and thought it was far too shiny.

    Or simply producers were trying to make the set prettier! 🙂

  3. So Jacob killed Nikki and Pablo? Jacob threatened Walt’s life as a humongous polar bear? He flew by all the losties as a bird and said “Hurley”?

    This isn’t a bad idea really. We could assume smokey couldn’t do the same since they were considered equal on the scale with the rocks. Smokey does humans, Jacob does animals.

    Isn’t it kind of silly though? I’d be pissed if I was Jacob. Well, I’d at least be jealous of Smokey’s power.

  4. @ Chiefof16
    No the spiders that “parylized” Nikki & boyfriend was the smoke monster. The writers said so in a podcast.
    So that would mean Smokey can also turn into other animals I assume. However I do like the idea of Jacob also being able to turn into animals as well. I did see the buttrfly, but was wondering what it might mean. This is a good idea.

  5. I was thinking that the butterfly was a nod to Locke’s “the moth needs to struggle to gain the strength to survive” speech to Charlie about his heroin addiction. This was clearly Richard’s struggle and they showed the butterfly at the beginning of that scene.

  6. I must ask, what the hell was the with black horse?

    It was kinda like… ‘Hi Kate! Remember me? 🙂 Dont mind me, just having a little nose around this area… Ok time to go wander somewhere else, bye!’

    It just appeared for no reason and left right away never to be seen again.. I mean really?! What was the point!?

  7. Totally like how you brought this up again and after reading some new theories, specifically “Jinn” by Achalli it makes me feel more strongly about this. Here is an quote from wikipedia on Genies:

    “they may even appear as dragons, onagers, or a number of other animals.[22] In addition to their animal forms, the jinn occasionally assume human form to mislead and destroy their human victims.”

    I didn’t get that butterfly/moth reference until I,Locke brought it up, nice picture too, more characters should have mustaches.

    SawyerGirl Kate sees the black horse in the episode “What Kate Did” which shows how she killed her dad, she also hears whispers in her dad’s voice. There is probably more back story to it but I haven’t seen it in a while.

    In the episode where Sawyer keeps having a run in with a black boar in the episode “Outlaws” it shows him killing the wrong guy and hearing whispers.

    Interestingly too there is a boar in Richards episode alive in the boat and dead being cooked by the MIB.

    I don’t think every animal on the island is possessed/guided/shapeshifted by Jacob or MIB. Polar Bears are just from the DI, the sharks too.

  8. the butterfly stood out to me too, i take notes when i’m watching (yes i know i’m a dork, it’s kinda scary) and for the butterfly i wrote down “butterfly- wtf?” cuz i had no idea why/how it was important but it definitely was. i like the idea of jacob being able to shift shapes, why not! if smoky can do it why cant jacob. and if you were jacob and you brought these people to the island wouldnt you wanna go check them out first to see who they were before you met them in person

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