It musta’ been a ‘cold day in hell’ when that baby could be used …

Anyway …

MIB wants off. That seems a pretty good way. One can see why it was hidden … but …

Who built it?
Was the well there first?
When/Why did Widmore put up cameras?
Did he know Ben got there that way? Did the natives turn him in, or was it the bear collar Charlotte found?
Who told Ben about it?
How is Christian tied in?

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4 thoughts on “FDW

  1. 2. Between Ben and Locke landing in Tunesia, Widmore put up some cameras pointing at the ‘out’ point.

    5. Christian told Locke he had to move the island, but Locke looked confused when Ben showed him home.

    6. Sometimes I think Christian is Cerberus’ 3rd head.

  2. Good questions. These are all things they really need to explain before this show is done. They can’t ignore these particular questions and say “We’ll let the audience figure them out.”

    That respose would work on some mysteries, but not these. I really don’t want to be sitting here until the day I die trying to figure out the importance of the fdw, Christian, or even the cameras.

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