Jacob’s Intent

Is anyone beginning to think that Jacob’s endgame isn’t w/ humans but w/ smokey. The way he, or the powers that be, just let smokie do what it wills w/ the people that come. His taunts and nudging of MIB seem like the pushes he was givin folks back in the real world. Perhaps his progress is with smokey. Think Losts’ writers have enough time to flesh out the “ha it’s all been to snare you into someones body so they can redeem themselves while you’re there and end you/change your nature” bid by Jacob? I don’t know, food for thought…

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What will we do without lost? I'll go back to living outdoors this time of year at some point and I might start running again.

10 thoughts on “Jacob’s Intent

  1. But it can’t be much of a victory though can it, out of the centuries of playing this game over and over again, maybe one or two people do the right thing. It doesn’t say much for humanity does it 😉
    But, I agree, Jacob doesn’t really seem to care for the actual people at all.

  2. You know, I still think that what the “alt timeline” flashes are showing us is that Jacob touching the candidates is what turned their lives *bad*. If you think about each of the flashes we’ve seen now, I’d say that each of the candidates are a little bit happier or at least less troubled than they are in the timeline when Jacob touches them.

    I still think that in the flashes we’re seeing the candidates are untouched by Jacob (because Ben kills him in the future, so he doesn’t travel to the past to touch people) and we’re seeing how much better their lives would have been if it weren’t for Jacob interfering to steer them to the island.

    I don’t think Hurley was ever touched before the 1st flight 815, which might explain why his only trouble was winning the lottery….?

  3. Yes I do really like the idea that Jacob is proving his point not only to MIB but with MIB. And yep there have been centuries of sacrifices to prove this point, but I think Jacob’s victory in terms of his progress with MIB will symbolise a victory for mankind so to speak, especially sine we’re being made to believe that MIB has the potential to wreak havoc on the world!

  4. The mix of a time machine, Polar bear cages , Lighthouse with looking glass
    …Has anyone ever considered that Jacob was not necessarily bringing people to the island for study…but sending them out from the island’s orchid station and reviewing their progress in the new environment, from the Lighthouse, which would be much like the studies on the Polar bear environmental change? Maybe that is why he was so matter of fact and casual with Richard concerning living for ever…..“Now that I can do” . Why does Sayid ask if they have done this before ? I am wondering if Richard could be the youngest.

  5. @Dallas. I really like this idea. We seem to think the Island is the laboratory, maybe the World is the lab (or like Ellie the mouse’s maze) and Jacob is trying to teach people to run the maze of life…

  6. Ilie: tru tru. I can see it. Or SNAP the plane crashes…

    Lostangel: I must disagree. Mikhail is shot in the face, Sayi’d is pulled into a life of killing, kate kidnapps a preggo claire and is still running, Jack lost his dad’s body and can’t remember his childhood has a son who he’s improving with but estranged from while he’s divorced. Hurley’s still rich, but John gets fired and while he’s geting married he’s essentially GIVING UP on his dreams.
    While it’s not all bad, it is far from balanced or even good. Secondary Chars included.
    Ben’s turned a leaf but he still does something pretty “machiavellian”. Sun is shot, Jin isnt even married to her and now should fear for his life and sun’s because he will have to run from Sun’s father. Sawyer is an obsessed cop who pisses on and pisses off his partner. He may not be a criminal but his life isn’t great…drives charlotte away etc. It’s quite obvious no-ones gifts are still there or they’re well suppressed. These flashbacks have diff kind of drama but it definately isn’t better w/out the crash. Except they aren’t yet running from a smoke monster and surviving on an island.

    Chief, apologies,

    Dallas: Sounds like an interesting theory.

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