My take on the frustration

All I’m saying here is that if you’re not really diggin’ this season too much, or you’re not really liking the way some of these answers are being answered, don’t be afraid to admit it just because it’s the best show on TV. Some will say “too bad, deal with it.” Well, it IS too bad because you’ve invested a lot of time into it over the years. It’s still possible to appreciate the show, and be angry with it at the same time though. I have a quick comparison relating to this, and I’m so very sorry if it’s boring:

I’m a Chicago Bears fan. So therefore, when football season rolls around, I pay attention to the Bears. This happens year after year because I love ’em. I also lose my mind around week 7 every year because they start losing most of their games due to terrible coaching and decision making. (The Super Bowl appearance a few years back was a fluke).

My point is, the Bears suck, and the management hears it from the fans every year, which is good.

If the fans of the Chicago Bears never expressed their feelings about how badly their team sucks, do you really think upper management would really feel the urge to find more talented players for their team after every season? No. They wouldn’t care. Not as long as the fans kept coming to the games, which in turn makes them rich. No fans would come to their games though if the Bears’ management didn’t appear like it was at least trying to improve every season. See the cycle? Constructive criticism (or even the occasional threats, or a loud “YOU SUCK!!”) really has it’s advantages.

When a show/team has fans that don’t care about quality, the show/team will lose motivation to produce quality.

In this show’s case, it’s really hard to judge though, because it’s a all a matter of an individual’s opinion. Not only that, it’s way too late to see any kind of improvement due to the majority complaining anyway (if that was the case).

However, the writers are what got us THIS involved into the show in the first place. They’re the ones that have teased us all these years with “I can’t answer that right now, tune in next week.” type of dialogue within the show. If you’re frustrated, don’t be afraid to blame them. In fact, start wondering if they’re doing this to us on purpose, only to set us up with MAJOR relief in the finale. Whatever the case is, they know what they’re doing. I doubt their intent is to keep us aggravated after the final episode. Why would the writers/producers purposely do that to such a large, loyal fanbase?

This final season is a very fragile thing. They knew they couldn’t make everyone happy at once. How the writers didn’t lose sleep over how they were going to wrap things up this year is beyond me. We’re all expecting our own questions to be answered, and we’re all running out of patience because there’s really not much time left. I never really cared THAT much about answers honestly, at least to the smaller questions. We can expect them to get into what the island is, and who Jacob and Smokey are/is towards the END end. Until that time though, I hope this show actually has INTERESTING filler, aside from slow moving and seemingly pointless filler. That’s all I ask.

One quick question before I’m done though regarding the Black Rock’s arrival….(It’s been talked about a lot)

Since the weather is so drastically different between “The Incident” and “Ab…..this last episode”, does that mean the writers didn’t know how the statue was going to crumble before this season started? Didn’t they give this show a lifespan of 6 seasons after season 3 ended? I surely assumed they had answers for everything before season 4 started. The weather in the Black Rock’s arrival to the island just STRONGLY appears to be an inconsistency. I hope they don’t “It’s two different timelines” us as a reason for it.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

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  1. You make some good points cheif. But the thing about the black rock calm seas one minute storms the next second scenario can be easily explained two ways. 1/ I started my working life at sea and one minute it can be calm the next it can be stormy in the space of seconds, no bullshit that really does happen. 2/ Remember when the Ajira flight crashed one minute it was a night the next second the sun was shining. This is similiar to the black rock ship wreck scenario.

  2. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head Chief with the “slow moving and seemingly pointless filler” storyline we’ve been shown. Nothing suprising or out of the ordinary has happened, it’s all been very dull.

    i mean just think back to Season 2 for a comparison. Michael goes looking for Walt and we don’t see him for a while. The next thing, an episode finishes with him stumbling out of the jungle. A few episodes later, Michael shoots Ana Lucia, Libby, free’s Ben then shoots himself! I mean everybody watching must have been thinking WHAT THA FUCK IS GOING ON????? i know i was!

    With this season though, there haven’t been any moments like that, none that i can recall anyway. Maybe Sayid coming back to life was a bit of a WTF moment but even then, you sort of saw it coming.

    This next thought of mine sort of sums out how i feel about S6 at the moment. For all of the previous 5 seasons, before a new episode was shown, i’d rewatch the previous one just to remember what went off but more because i actually WANTED to rewatch the episode. With this season i haven’t rewatched any, basically because the storyline has been boring and unengaging. i used to care about things such as how the love triangle between Kate, Jack and Sawyer would develop but i feel little connection with any of them any more and i’m not really bothered who wins out of Jacob or MIB.

    the question is, after 5 and a half seasons, should i be feeling like this or should the writers have us on the edges of our seats counting down the minutes to the next episode begging for more? I think we all know the answer……

  3. Well, you make some points yourself.

    It might be wrong to compare the substance of the seasons, but it’s not wrong to compare the intensity of them.

    I can think of about 20 moments throughout seasons 1-5 off the top of my head where I was really amazed at what I just saw. Should I feel amazed when I see that Jack has a son? when Charlotte meets up with Sawyer? When Sayid shoots Keamy? The alt timeline has been the source of my personal frustrations. I’d love for them to show us what it means before they dive any deeper into it. It’s really obnoxious, and a great waste of 12 (or so) minutes throughout an episode

  4. Have faith Chief! I feel that they will bring that timeline into the main thrust of the show at some point in this season.

    In any case, the Richard episode broke the mold. They didn’t even flash back and forth between the present and past too many times. Richard’s story was pretty linear compared to the other seasons.

    Hopefully this will be a harbinger for other episodes. Maybe tell the Widmore-Hawking story?

  5. Andre7 – Last week’s episode was really cool, I agree. I just want things to progress though. It seems like nothing major has happened on the island for like…. 4 episodes now. It’s just a bunch of chattin about mommies.


    thanks πŸ™‚

  6. So…would you rather have the Bears have some amazing players doing amazing things, swoop into the playoffs and and destroy everyone until the superbowl, only to have them beaten at the final tick by the Colts…?
    Would you rather have them play muddy, boring four and a half hour games every week, relying on the consistency of but a few yards a play and solid, yet seemingly uneventful defense that comes together in the long run and ends with a championship?

  7. A.E.S….good question, and I can’t wait to answer it.

    I choose the first option for sure. This way, I’m sitting through roughly 20 weeks of exciting ass football. I’m watching my team destroy everyone which hopefully includes the Patriots, the Colts, and the damn Packers, twice. If it ends like it did against the Colts, I’ll get over it in a couple weeks.


    I’ll take 20 weeks of extacy followed by 2 weeks of shame and depression over 22 weeks of having a weird look on my face, wondering how the hell Forte gets 3 and a half yards every running play, and Cutler gets 3 and a half yards every pass. That would be weird.

    Okay….I’m done being cynical. I’d take the championship.

  8. Ifoundmyloophole –

    I suppose you could very well be right. Perhaps there was a freak storm.

    I guess I’m coming acrossed as all sorts of pissed off or something. I’m only hoping I can sit down and enjoy an episode like I used to once again. I just can’t tell who’s lying anymore in this show. Then they pop over to a flash sideways that makes even less sense. Before you know it, an hour of complete confusion blew by, and you’re down to only X many episodes to go.

  9. I expected nothing less than the entire comment…a little bit of smart ass, but the right answer in the end.

    Lets not forget here…this isnt the playoffs, ‘the beginning of the end’ began a while back…this is the championship game leading up to the last possession…in less than 2 months.

    2 months or 2 decades form now they dont want some lunatic from the theoriesonlost site to go back and find countless flaws and dead ends that led nowhere…demanding answers for a show they spent years on…EVERYTHING needs tied up.

    We cant have someone asking what happened to Walt, or even what would have happened at this point…Remember that post I wrote about a while ago, and referenced on Ekos thought more recently about the producers taking out the theorizing?
    Do you know that Vincents role/end is in some of the top questions that only 12 people want answered before the end of Lost…can you imagine the questiona and loose ends the other hundreds of thousands have…?

    In short, theyre playing defense to our offense…hell, we cooked up about every on island stunt they could have pulled…so what do they do…they evolve and adapt…they audible in a way…

    But audibles arent just crazy plays to get away from the defense…they are planned, practiced, and known better than what the play the “showed” originally probably was…and designed to confuse and awe in the long run…

    Lets hope this is a practiced audible…and not a botched play…Im calling endzone…and the closer they get, the better it will get…maybe we’ll even get to see John Locke “Icky Shuffle” across the beach before its all said and done…

    …sorry…sometimes I just like to see hear myself talk…

  10. Loopy you genius bastard…?

    What happened when the chopper carrying Des,Sayid, Lapidus, and Nadia followed the bearing that was given to them by Faraday…?

    What happened when Roueausseues ship wrecked…?

    What happened when Ajira 316 went down…?

    What happened so many times that people on the island and watching at home found so amusing and mystifying from the beginning of the show…John Locke predicted them…?

    And most importantly…what did NOT happen when 815 crashed…?

  11. Wharfrat77 –

    You’re the fool that copies and pastes your theories into other people’s comment sections as if they NEED to read it. LOL. Yeah, your opinion really matters to me.

  12. ilie,

    Careful. This is a very serious moment on this thread. We all must wait a few hours to let Wharf’s comment sink in before we can proceed with humor and normalities. πŸ™‚

  13. Chief, I hate to say that I figured out Lost, and you wont be happy with the ending, I cheated, my curiousity got the best of me and I am really upset now, so I wont be posting anymore, I am actually going to band the rest of the season and quite possibly the season 6 dvd. Good luck to you all.

  14. wharafrat77 i was going to stay out of this but hearing u rip the yankee fan is dragging me in. i understand exactly what chief is saying. yes think of it like a yankee fan, we exspect perfection and a championchip every year and if we do not get one we are livid. lost has become argulably the greatest show ever put on tv. so when there are shows especialy in the final season that are a drag ,after like chief says we have invested so much time and energy it is disapointing in a sense. i do think this season has had some good moments and will get way better. they will not be able to answer all questions but i think they slowly are answering most.

  15. Chief, I liked that you pointed this out about our questions being answered / not answered. Right now I see Lost going down one of two roads. They may do something similar to Battlestar Galactica in that the answers to everything were not found out till the last 45 minutes; or Lost may do something similar to the Prisoner’s last episode, “Fallout.”

    “Fallout” was a very strange and very un-Prisoner like episode. By the time it aired fans of the show had been hounding Patrick Magoon for answers about who was Number Six, who was Number One, and what exactly was the Village. Fallout was supposed to answer all these questions and yet actually destroyed every facet of the story as Number Six made his escape. The fans were furious because no questions were answered and they couldn’t make sense of the final episode. But what they didn’t realize at the time was that Magoon actually answered all the questions while staying true to the concept of the show.

    The Prisoner was about how society controls us. The Village represented society. Number Six represented the individual, and also Number One. For we are in charge of society. Magoon saw the fans demands for answers as society trying to force him to conform. If he answered the fans questions the way they expected him too then he was giving in to society, which went against what the Prisoner was about, don’t let society rule you. He delivered a finale that kept in line with the shows concept till the end.

    I believe some thing similar is going on with Lost. We are speeding to the end and it appears that the writers are not giving us what we want. But in the end they may yet give us the answers in such a way that they remain true to the concept of Lost till the very end rather we like it or not.

    Thank you for the good post.

  16. American sports are so much better that what we have! *huff*

    To hell with your rant, im about to kick one up of my own!

    And whats this about Wharfrat77? I see no comment.. πŸ™ i feel so left out

  17. Cocoadoll – πŸ™ I can’t believe you just said that. Sorry to hear that you just ruined everything for yourself. What worries me is that you’re upset about it. Geez….upset about the ending? or just the fact that you know how it ends? I don’t want to know! just thinking out loud. Anyway, yeah, really sorry to hear that.

    ar420316 – I’m just glad some people understood what I was getting at. You’re right about the Yanks’ fans too. They can be the angriest baseball fans on this planet. That’s why the organization feels the need to out-spend the entire league on their players. Thanks for the support though. Romo’s gay.

    Achalli – I personally hope this show ends in an entirely different fashion than Battlestar did. That show didn’t exactly end with a bang. It revealed some interesting things, but I didn’t feel closure when it was done. Was Starbuck an angel? Strange.

    I’m going to look into “The Prisoner” one of these days. You’re not the only one that seems to take a liking to it.

    About Lost though, once we find out what the island is, and how it got to be this way, everything should start falling into place. You’d at least think so anyway.

  18. Chief, I agree totally about Starbuck.

    I did a post once about Lost and Fallout. You should be able to find a link or the title of the website where I got my info about Fallout. The situation with the fans of that show echo the way fans of Lost feel (and this was in the sixties ). The Prisoner was a show ahead of it’s time and is still relevant today. The AMC remake was alright but had a disappointing ending. And the situation with Jacobs looking for a replacement is similar to how the AMC Prisoner ends.

  19. SawyerGirl – Yes, American sports are awesome. Soccer’s cool too I guess pfff LMAO. I’m of course joking. Soccer is good exercise, which is equally important as entertainment apparently.

    If you wish to rant, please do. Maybe it’ll take the place of another “I think Jack is Hurley, and Hurley is Kate, and Kate is actually Jacob, who happens to be Christian’s MIB.” theory.

    About the situation with Wharfrat, I’m not sure. I woke up to find out that his theory, I mean, COMMENT is missing. He just didn’t want to accept the fact that someone is less than 100% pleased with the show right now.

  20. In my humble opinion I think Wharf has done nothing wrong. I mean, I have no problems with you, Chief, bashing on the show every now and then ;p, but I can imagine a bit someone growing tired of it. Ok, he was a little bit too offensive in his way of speaking…

    But as you have the right to bash whatever you want, he has the right to not agree with it..

  21. Stone –

    Disagreeing is awesome. This world would suck without disagreements, and I hope you agree. If Wharfrat’s was simply disagreeing, I would have picked up on it, and everything would have been quite cool.

    It’s always noticeable when someone comes out and angrily bashes someone for their style of writing though. If I dislike something or someone on here, I ignore it/them. It’s actually an easy thing to do. Wharf feels differently. What’s really cool about Wharf though, is that he’d probably pay you to read a theory of his. Nothing wrong with easy money.

    He knows, and admitted that he was being a dick though. I agree that he was. Apparently someone else does too, ’cause I’m not the one that “reported” his comment to get it deleted.

    But hey stone, you’re entitled to your opinion like everyone else on here. It’s cool that you didn’t shit yourself and throw up afterwards like Wharfrat probably did when he “disagreed”.

  22. Chief, I am upset that I gave into temptation. I dont feel it is fair to say anymore than that. My theorizing days are over on this site.
    As I have said before, I dont think it is fair for people who read spoiler to post ANYTHING on THIS site.
    I am going to move on to flash forward, I just picked up the book yesterday. I am going to start playing catch up tonight.
    It is a tough to give up on Lost, but I was feeling that way before the season started, I mean how could the ending EVER really live up to a HARDCORE fan’s expectations.

    BTW, comparing BSG to Lost is BS. It never had as complicated storyline or heavily shrouded mythos behind it as Lost. It was pure sci-fi and you were just expected to enjoy the ride. Lost is something else all together, a blended genre where until the final episode and probably not even then will be heavily debateable.

    Cheif, just stop trying to figure it out, no one has yet and no one ever will, just enjoy what is left of the season and pray you can wrap your head around the ending.

    Just keep this saying in mind:
    There are three sides to every story, Person #1’s account
    Person #2’s account
    and THE TRUTH,

    try to see Lost through a CSI perspective, eyewitnesses aren’t that reliable, everyone slants their story to make themselves appear like the good guy (and we all know the saying about people who go out of their way to tell you that they are the good guy)

    And one more adage for the road:
    Actions speak louder than words.

    Enjoy tonight’s Episode.

  23. That’s a good point stone. The finale must be really depressing if it’s driving someone to go follow Flashforward (which isn’t even being renewed).


  24. u are rite chief. i was talking to my girl about this and she said the same thing. i have not done it for 5 1/2 seasons so why start now…. lol thanks. it is tempting though

  25. Oh and Chief, Football (or Soccer as you Americans call it) is absolutely awful.. I mean really! Once every now and then I have to watch it with my boyfriend and for those 90 minutes, i sit there mentally making a list of ways to kill myself without having to move too far. It… Is… TERRIBLE!

  26. It was good. There’s a level of suspense again. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to next week, even though I know it’s not going to be an “answer saturated” Richard episode.

    I’m afraid of Desmond though. Whenever this guy comes back into the story, the show gets confusing as hell. I remember “The Constant” episode, as good as it was, was really just the beginning of a confusing 30 episode run.

    Also looks like we might be getting an understanding of the flash sideways one of these weeks, as we’re seeing more strong similarities.

  27. Chief I suspect the sideways stuff will be a bit clearer after next week’s episode.

    After the Constant and all the Desmond timetravel stuff you’d think his return will have signifance for the sideways stuff.

  28. Stone – Heyy! I will have you know that i do like some sports (such as Rugby).. But my God, how you can sit there and watch a bunch of pansy should-be-women kick a ball around is beyond me LOL! The slightest knock and they fall down.. Im bloody stronger than that haha! .. Ok theres my rant done πŸ™‚ Sorry Chief!

    But yay, Lost has picked itself back up πŸ˜€

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