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In some ways this follows on from the ‘Theory of Everything’. It has some of the similar themes, but I do not think that Lost will explain things in quite that level of detail. I do think we will get the back story for Jacob and MIB. MIB suggests that he was once human and was betrayed – possibly by his mother. Surely all the Egyptian artefacts will come into play at some point, and this is where MIB’s betrayal is set. I’ll come back to that.


I have hypothesised previously that the ‘black smoke’ is the culmination of human evil. Jacob describes it as evil incarnate. I am unsure whether it was the Egyptians who brought the ‘black smoke’ to the island, or whether they just happened upon it. Either way, they decided it had to be contained. I wonder whether containing the ‘black smoke’ might involve tethering it to a human soul. I can forsee a ‘sacrificial’ scene in the bowels of the temple where the Egyptians perform this ceremony. The sacrificial soul is ‘MIB’, betrayed in some way by his mother. As long as MIB remains on the Island, then ‘evil incarnate’ must remain also.


I suspect that at the same time, someone had to be chosen to watch over MIB. A role with 2 functions; 1. To try to ‘cure’ MIB and possibly rid the world of evil, 2. To ensure the Island could not be found, and certainly not to let anyone leave the Island. That role was taken by Jacob, his brother. Was it voluntary on Jacob’s part, or was it part of the original sacrifice is anyone’s guess. Jacob has the power to bring people to the Island in an attempt to prove that humanity is essentially good. It appears he tries to bring all sorts of people – military people, religous people (the Others), scientists (Dharma). None of them succeed. Jacob knows that people must prove their inherent goodness without direction from him.


We can also guess at Charles Widmore’s motives. Firstly, he can now find the Island because Jacob is dead, and it is no longer hidden. Secondly, I suspect that Charles is aware of the Egyptian rituals. He wants to take on Jacob’s role. He wants eternal life and access to the Island’s power, but he doesn’t particularly want to have to deal with ‘MIB/evil incarnate’. We have seen that he is attempting to entrap ‘MIB’ on the Hydra Island – sonic fence is being constructed. Within the locked room on the sub, I suspect that the ancient scrolls (or whatever) that facilitate the transformation are residing.


What I suspect we will find is that ‘balance’ has to be restored. The equivalent of ‘Jacob’ and ‘MIB’ must continue to reside on the Island. I think that two new people will be required to take on these roles – in the end the ‘Losties; will take pity on ‘MIB’ and free him from his incarceration. We have been promised a bitter-sweet ending. With the increase in religous allegory of late, I wonder whether the end of Lost will feature some form of self-sacrifice. If that is the case, could it be that Jack takes the role of Jacob, whereas maybe Hurley takes the role of MIB. I’m sure many would scream – Noooo, NOT Hurley. But he already has a communion with the dead, and is probably the least selfish of the Lost characters.

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14 thoughts on “What is to follow!

  1. Love the widmore idea and the fact that he knows about the next leader and wants to replace jacob. So as i suspected widmore is a third party and in it for himself but i didn’t know why. Now i have a reason that fits perfectly into my theory. Thanks.

    My theory is a combination of my two previous theories, check them out. “The record theory- Awesome” and “We are looking at it the wrong way”

  2. Clearly Widmore will fail, but who will stop him. I suspect that he will get some way through his plan to trap MIB. Could it be Ben that stops his old Nemesis?

  3. Maybe Ben and Widmore were supposed to be the next Jacob and MIB. If you look really closely at the wheel at the lighthouse in “The Lighthouse,” you can see Linus crossed out, meaning Ben was a candidate at one point. So maybe Widmore is trying to become the next Jacob or MIB like he may have been “chosen” for long ago, and he won’t let the candidates get in his way.

  4. Ive always thought that Hurley would be huge in the end of the show. I dont know if he can be as cunning and manipulative as it might take to be the new Jacob. I do think that the bitter sweet part will envolve Sawyer dying in order to save Kate and maybe more of his friends.

  5. I don’t know why, but both Widmore and Hawking seem to know a lot about the future. Hawking has only just admitted that she finally doesn’t know how the future will unfold. Widmore knew enough to have cameras in the desert waiting for Locke. I wonder whether they were influenced by MIB when they were on the Island? As for Ben, I think he was a candidate right up to the point that he was ‘healed’ at the Temple.

  6. You could argue that Jacob isn’t manipulative. He wants people to make their own decisions. He just tries to help things along every now and again!

    Also, I suggested Hurley might become the new MIB. This is because I’m not sure that MIB started out as evil – he has simply been corrupted by his association with the black smoke.

  7. I think the “bitter/sweet” ending will be Jack willing to stay behind as Jacob’s replacement to “baby sit” MIB for all eternity.
    As I posted in my LONG theory “Shepherds Pie – LOST’s New Mythos” that this is how Jacob proves his point and MIB doesn’t. I think we will see that most of the LOSTies will be allowed to leave (Hurley, Kate, Sawyer [provided he switches sides] Jinn, Sun while others die, Widmore, Claire, Sayid?) but somebody has to stay behind to act as the door stop or “bottle” so MIB cannot leave.
    I also believe the “game will end” Jacob will have proved his point when Jack (an unbeliever at first, now a man of faith) is willing to sacrifice himself for the good of his friends and ultimately the good of mankind! The price for this will be staying behind with MIB to keep him “locked up” for all eternity.
    I think that NO more test of bringing people to the island will continue (“it only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress” so no one needs to be tested anymore) as Jacob proved his point, man is good, so much so an unbelieving man of science is will to stay behind so his friends, even enemies (Sawyer and Jack have been at odds most of the show) get to go home.
    I don’t think anyone will take MIB’s place. That dude is forever connected to the evil smoke. It will be hell for both Jack and MIB. Hell for MIB b/c he can’t leave the island and since no one else will ever be coming to the island, he can’t kill Jack.
    Hell for Jack, b/c though he didn’t deserve to stay behind, he sacrificed himself to be locked up with “the devil” so that others could be free. That will really suck!

    Okay, too long, I know, but that’s my guess!

  8. Appledouble. I really like your theory, especially the bit about Jack as proof that man can change – ‘He walks among us, but he is not one of us’. My one caveat would be – How do you explain the sunken island?

  9. brothergib,

    I’m not sure about the sunken Island yet. Possibly and this is just a total guess off the top of my head:

    Perhaps when Jack agrees to stay behind, in order for eveyone to get to leave and to keep the island hidden, there’s yet another time travel backwards at the point when the bomb goes off, the island sinks and everyone is free and the new time line from the FSW continues, only this time w/o Jack.

    Or perhaps that’s what’s behind the door on Widmore’s sub, something that will cause the Island to sink in the past. Not really sure.

    I do believe at some point the FSW will intersect w/ the current time line of the Island as we are seeing it now (The Universe corrects itself as Hawking told Desmond), I’ll be honest, I just don’t know and so your question is a kink in my theory.

    One thing is very likely, the sinking of the Island, however that is accomplished, is what will hide the island so no one can find it and this fits nicely into my theory, Jack & MIB are trapped!

  10. I like this theory. Some thoughts:
    Aaron is MIB. The two things that could have been done to prevent this were: (1) The attempted baptism of Aaron by Charlie, which would have protected his soul from the ‘evil incarnate’ which is imposed on Aaron in the Eyptian times, or (2) Claire raising him, thereby never becoming ‘mad’ or ‘infected’ herself. But because she did not raise him, she becomes infected via her hatred, etc., and when (I’m theorizing here of course) she goes back to the Egyptian times with Aaron (somehow), she is more than willing to sacrifice Aaron, thereby making him the Man In Black.
    I do not know if the MIB will be replaced by one of the Losties, or if the past will be changed so that Aaron does not become the MIB. I think this is more likely. However, even if this occurs, I have a feeling there will still be a need for a ‘watcher’ (aka Jacob’s role), and Jack will take this role.

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