Desmond the Well Endowed

Desmond isn’t a character I’ve focused on too much in discussion… just when arguing about what he can and cannot do with his future-seeing ability. I just haven’t been that interested in the character or his story… and I don’t really think that the issue of having a constant will be much of an issue between now and the end of the show. But lo and behold, here he is, back on the island and now going by his porn name “The Package”.

So Charles Widmore made it fairly clear last night that his position is opposed to the Man-Formerly-In-Black-But-Now-In-Filthy-Green. His secret weapon is none other than “The Package”, Desmond Hume. There’s a lot more going on here than he let on last night so I assume (or hope) that we’ll be getting a lot more information on Charles Widmore and his plan. For instance, his mission, as declared, is to stop the MIBBNIFG from leaving the island. He has control of the plane but for whatever reason he hasn’t simply destroyed it yet. His minions managed to successfully attack MIBBNIFG’s camp and sedate everyone yet they only took Jin. They should have taken Sawyer at least since MIBBNIFG needs all of the candidates to leave the island, right? Especially since they needed Jin to answer questions about the DHARMA Initiative and Sawyer (LaFleur) would have at least as much information as Jin, probably more. I digress.

Charles Widmore’s stated mission is to prevent MIBBNIFG from leaving the island in order to protect the people back in the real world… He names Penny as his motivation (well, his daughter… I’m assuming he meant Penny but that could come back to bite me). He’s also gone though a lot of trouble in the past to keep Desmond away from Penny… and who can blame him? I wouldn’t want my daughter dating a guy nicknamed “The Package”… would you? But seriously, why? Is it because Desmond is poor? That might be a big deal to some people but really; I think that could be overcome. I think Widmore has somehow known things about Desmond and his future all along and he wanted to keep them separate to protect Penny.

Desmond’s name does not appear in the lighthouse or on the cave wall. He has no number. He is not a candidate. Yet he was brought to the island. People don’t just wash up randomly on the shore. Not on this island. But who brought him? I think it’s possible that the MIBBNIFG brought him to the island. I have a feeling he may be sort of a Richard for the MIBBNIFG. There is one parallel between the two that seems kind of anecdotal but still… there are similarities between the scenes when Richard killed the doctor and when Desmond killed Inman. That may or may not have been intentional.

If Desmond is a kind of “variable” thrown into the equation with the Candidates being the “constants” then I think it’ll be because the MIBBNIFG brought him into the equation. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see a scene from the past with Desmond on the beach before Inman found him being approached by the MIBBNIFG and touched… possibly endowing him with certain abilities. But who knows. Really, for my money, I hope Desmond doesn’t turn out to be something really, super important to the story. It seems right now though that he’s important to the MIBBNIFG, or maybe important as some kind of weapon against him.

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31 thoughts on “Desmond the Well Endowed

  1. I’m so glad you made a porn joke with the package, I was worried that me and my friends were the only ones saying: “It seems Widmore’s package is a lot bigger than Jin’s…”

    Unfortunately for you, I think Desmond will be very important and is not on MIBISJFJEOI’s side. His episodes have all been huge reveals and central plot twists. Maybe I’m saying this because I’m a fan of his…minus the whole sexual harrassment mumbo jumbo.

    Oh and I 5 starred your no comment theory. Brilliant!

  2. i wrote already a post (which ended up in the “fun” section for some reason) about the fact that widmore and eloise were working together to get desmond to the island in the first place. I think widmoroe respects desmond more than we think, but has had to be harsh on him due to the things he has heard from Eloise.

  3. I disagree. I think he is important and I hope he is important. I really think he’s a top 5 character on the show, especially with the fan community.

  4. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy them… I roll a lot of love into each paragraph…

    I absolutely could not neglect to make fun of Desmond being “the package”. I had to do it. It was “a moral imperative”, to borrow a phrase.

    As for the theory… I’m not really saying that Desmond is sided with Mr. Green… to actually be sided with him he would have to know about it. I don’t think he knows about it and he’s been manipulated. It’s pretty similar to the others who have sided with him… he promises them free will but it’s not real. They have free will so long as they do what he tells them. Desmond believes that he makes decisions for himself but does he really? I wonder who brought Penny to the island. I mean, I wonder who delivered The Package to Penny Widmore…

  5. I think Widmore had Desmond hijacked to contact Daniel. By contacting Daniel Widmore can “move the Island” thus preventing Flocke/MIB from escaping. I believe taking Jin was important because Widmore could show him the pictures of his daughter. I believe it will come out soon the importance of Aaron and Jin&Sun’s daughter due to the fact both mothers were pregnant on the Island.

  6. I’m really not understanding why everyone loves Des. He brings a plight of utter confusion to the show with his crazy time bending antics.

    I’m cool with Des being a major factor to the end of the show, as long as it’s actually explained clearly for slow people like me for once.

  7. With your newfound acceptance of his importance…does anything I have ever said about him in the past make more sense now (example…Des being special, ie…able to change the past and be what causes true change on and off the island)…

  8. Yeah, he’s important. I don’t like the character so I’m not a fan of his importance but that doesn’t mean I deny it or that I ever have. I just wish he wasn’t. That being said, Kate is important too and she can’t do anything on the scale of changing the past. Desmond being able to change the past would not just change the game; it would make playing it completely unnecessary.

  9. seriously though, I love the Desmond stuff, his story and his time flashes were the first taste of time travel we got on the show and really led us to where we are now. At the end of Season 5 i though there was no way he could be done, he is too important and faraday knew it. I can’t figure how he will help, but maybe he is magnetized or something and can trap MIB (whom I feel is made up us magentized nano-particles that can float because of the pockets of electro-magnetic energy on the island) – I’m not sure if this is right but I feel smart saying it.

  10. Great debate here guys, heep it up!

    As to some comments:

    JacobsDoubleWide, the producers have debunked that theory on the black smoke. So no, it cannot be a kind of nanobots.

    highbrow, I understand that u simply don’t like the character, and that u do not deny his importance, and for the matter of fact, that if he is able to change the past then it is meaningless to play the game (or watch the show). But u may as well realize that since season 4 (in some part) and all season 5, the prodicers have hinted us that time travel is a big deal in the show. Yes, the did say that time travel, flash back and forwards were over for this seaosn (a bit of a lie, since Richard’s episode had 2 flahs backs, thank god anyways!). Nevertheless, the producers have been very carefull dealing with time travel, and all that comes with it (paradoxes is the thing that they refered to as most important). They are ANTI-PARADOX guys, but (and very importatly), PRO-BENDING TIME-SPACE guys also.

    My point is that u might as well have stopped watching the show since season 4, as it seams that the prodicers will show us a brilliant way to change the reality, without bringing a paradox into play (hopefully they will).

    Just for the thoughts.

  11. No, the argument is that Desmond can actually change things that have already happened. This is impossible.

    Desmond seems to have done two different things. One, he flashes between two different time periods in his life. This is really the only part where the argument that he can change the past makes even a little bit of sense. But I think the fact that we’re seeing two different timelines play out during this season it’s definitely a possibility that Desmond is actually flashing two different times in different timelines. Affecting a different timeline != changing the past.

    The other thing Desmond does is see glimpses of the future… or possible futures. I don’t really see this as any better than possibly enhanced intuition. He seems to be able to make sure these visions do or do not come true through his actions. I think it’s far more likely that he is being manipulated into doing certain things, maybe by Greeny.

    Does Desmond change the past? No.

  12. highbrow, I understand your point. I am on the same line as you are, maybe you missunderstood me.

    but you do not know for sure if he indead changed the past when he flashed back in time in “Flashes before your eyes” from season 3. As you stated, it makes a little sense that he could have changed the past.

    I mean, the first time around the guy in the bar got hit by the guy witrh the bat.
    The second time around he did not (Des was hit by the bat).

    It was in his memory that the first time around the barman got hit, therefore, we have to infere that it was that scenario the one that actually happened the first time (and not the second time). How can that not be changing the past?

  13. I for one love Des and have been waiting for his return – after all, the Island isn’t – as we all know – done with him.

    As for his importance, I seriously doubt that his time-abilitys are the only things that makes him special.

    We have been Told that the Rules don’t apply to him

    (Yet, I’m confused by some of Faradays claims, when he returned to the Island he was convinced that everyone could change things – that they were “variables” But we never got an explanation to how he came to this sudden conclusion after having himself debunked it whenever someone brought it up…but I digress, sorry)

    and in the world of Lost, one thing or phrase tends two have several meanings, wouldn’t you all agree..?

    There’s a lot of talk about Rules – and I don’t think any aply to Des – an Anomoly is an Anomoly – and usually that gives you a free-pass through most Rules.

    Anyone willing to back me up on this?

  14. I know why they had to drug him to get him to the Island. Henry Ian Cusick wouldn’t participate in season 6 because he wasn’t happy with the salary, remember?

  15. I swear you say these things about Desmond just to drive me nuts…he changes the past…he is special…thats what he does…even if he consious flashes back and learns something he didnt know before…that is changing his past which ultimately effect everyones future in this case…

    I do like the thought of Des being “touched”…but not his package…this is a Disney show…
    But I also like the thought of Des NOT being touched is something that makes him special as well…add that to his previusly known abilities, and that really makes him free of time, space, and manipulation possibly.

    btw…the last theory you posted…”Comments Off”…hands down the best thing you ever put on this site…

  16. Can I just jump in with an idea so ridiculous that even I don’t know where I’m coming from…? Okay, I know that at least Highbrow won’t completely write me off for this…

    Desmond is one of the few main players left where we know nothing of his background…specifically, his parents. For a show so enamored with the parent-child relationship and the influence of the relationship on who these Losties are and what they have to work through…Desmond’s lack of backstory is a bit…interesting.

    AES, your comment about the possibility of Des being touched (inferring a history with Jacob) actually fits with this lack of information even more. We have mostly assumed his special abilities have to do with the influence of the island, but maybe there is more to it.

    So here’s the crux of the most illogical, unfounded thing I’ve ever said: what if Desmond is somehow related to MIB? Do MIB and Jacob even have relatives? At one point MIB had a crazy mother, right?

    Okay, I’m done sounding like a looney toon.

    Overall, I just think if Des is as important as he has seemed/is seeming to be at this late stage of the game, perhaps there’s something more to his past. Of course, it could never get answered and all that it will really come down to is Desmond sacrificing himself for the bigger picture of the Losties…which would be going against everything that he was about in the past 4 seasons. Maybe that’s enough drama.

    At least I’m not proposing aliens.

  17. I definitely agree with the idea that Desmond will have to sacrifice himself and Widmore will make an easy offer by saying “If you don’t do this, Penny will die!” except in a more cheesy way like he did to Jin. Also, his special abilities seemed to come after the turning of the failsafe key in the hatch. However, the writers may take the liberty of forgetting that fact and making Jacob touch him at some point.

  18. Keep grasping, A. I’m sure you’re right about Desmond. Once the drugs wear off he’ll just jump back in time and prevent Ben from stabbing Jacob and everyone will fly off the island and live happily ever after.

    Kim, why would anyone write you off? Oh, I see… because you used the A-word at the end of your comment! You’re absolutely right about Desmond… we don’t know much about him. It’s definitely possible that he’s related to the MIG. I’m not sure if he’s related as in MIG is his ancestor but it’s possible. He has something to do with him; I’m pretty sure about that. I’m leaning towards Desmond being to the MIG as Richard is to Jacob.

    Desmond is in the hatch with Inman… eventually, in a fit of anger he kills Inman is pretty much the same way Richard killed the Doctor. He then finds himself “chained” to the Swan Station. MIG comes to him and puts a hand on him… they strike a deal. That doesn’t seem too farfetched to me.

  19. Plus Desmond proceeded to get drunk, right? He opened the bottle and drank the wine… now I’m reaching. It kind of fits the metaphore though… he opened the bottle when he failed to press the button, but just long enough to let an airplane fly in.

  20. Desmonds appearance was a treat, i’m glad hes back and next episode will hopefully shape up to be a good ‘un.

    I actually think, possibly just in the alt, that Desmond has assumed Jacobs role. Something about his appearance on the plane seemed Jacob-esque, i can’t remember if he touched Jack though.

    Maybe Widmore has brought ‘the package’ to the island because hes now aware that Jacob is dead and needs a replacement. I think theres been alot more behind Widmores attitude to Desmond from the start, and it could’ve been Widmores manipulation that got Des to the island in the first place.

    Now i’m wondering, is Desmond a candidate? Maybe Jacob wasn’t even aware he was in that hatch.

    I guess we’ll find out how Desmonds abilities will play into the story next week, i for one am happy about that, now if we could get some taller ghost Walt action…

  21. Widmore only objected 2 Penny & Des being 2gether b/c they read Faraday’s journal, and knew Des was fated 2 go 2 the island, and push the button… I feel this is pretty black and white. Des was ALL over that journal Daniel wrote DESMOND HUME WAS HIS CONSTANT… Also, he must have wrote how he sent him to ask Eloise for help.

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