“That would be ridiculous…”

Does the conversation between Sawyer and MIB last night confirm that the Man In Black is not Christian in any way?

When Sayer was talking about MIB turning into smoke…MIB alludes to Sawyer that he cannot float over water, otherwise he would have just flown off the island…

Since Christian appeared and disappeared on the freighter…does that confirm that MIB and Christian are not the same entity…or is MIB lying?

I dont believe much that he has said…but I believed him last night about that…

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild Name meaning: -Abbot: Father defined by or in religious connotation/definition. From the beginning, Lost was riddled with religious tone and it was obvious it would play some sort of role. Seemed fitting to start here. -Enheduanna: Mesopotamian High Priestess and the modern civilization’s first recorded poet. I created the name after season 1. John explaining backgammon history to Walt spawned the idea that the island may have a link yo the beginning of civilization and maybe even time itself. It was “poetic” and important to add this to my pseudonym. I needed the mother of poetry in modern civilization to match the religious “Father” in my first name. -Schwarzschild: Reference to Karl Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild Black Holes. Smoke monsters, hatches, and curing paralysis doesn’t point to black holes…but the sci-fi elements ran deep and obvious. The wheel moving the island and transporting Ben felt like it got plucked from my imagination. A.E.S.

6 thoughts on ““That would be ridiculous…”

  1. Good answer cocoa…good answer indeed.

    It may explain somehow Richards wife on the island as well…
    My only problem is that MIB already said Jacob took his body..his humanity…meaning to me he is already out of body…a damn good answer though…something to think about…

  2. I have had the impression for quite some time that the Smokey part of MIB has an aversion to water. Just off the top of my head – when Ilana and crew were escaping from the Temple, Ben suggests to head back to the beach because “we will be safe there”. To me that confirmed my prior thoughts on this, I think that MIB in his corporeal form is fine near water, but I can’t think of any times where we’ve seen the Smokey near water. Now that I have mentioned this, i’m probably about to be proven wrong 😉 was thinking about this last week and I submitted some thoughts touching on this last night – just waiting for it to be posted.

    Oh I just re-read your question! I have never been in the “Christian is MIB” camp 🙂 so for me it just doubly-confirms what I have thought all along.

  3. Oh I remember why I thought the above prior to Ben mentioning safety to the beach – when Ben summoned Smokey and he showed us how it was done (unplugging the drain, water ran out). At the time I thought maybe the water somehow shooed the smoke thing from it’s “home” so that it “came out”. Now that we know that MIB is the smoke monster, that changes things a bit. Ok that’s all i’ve got. 🙂

  4. Yeah I don’t think the figure of Christian has been the Smoke Monster at any point. I think Christian is something completely different, so the freighter thing goes out the window.

    But, as “honest” as we’ve seen Nemesis be this season, you have to admit that he needs the candidates very badly for some reason, so he’ll probably say whatever he needs to say to keep them where he needs them to be.

  5. Yeahh iv always been anti – christian-is-mib .. And another way to ‘prove’ they arent the same entity – Christian appeared to Sun and Lapidus in the Dharma house while Unlocke was on his way there with Ben.. And Ilana says that MIB is stuck in Lockes body.. Therefore unable to make himself Christian 🙂

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