Its all about to change

I follow both of the producers of lost on twitter and last night Damon Lindelof tweeted last night that “In one week, the conversation is going to change.” I hope this means that next weeks episode is going to give us a lot of answers….but lets be real if the conversation is changing it probably means we will be asking more questions. Thoughts?

As a side note: his bio on twitter says “Yeah, I’m one of the idiots behind LOST. And I have NO IDEA who’s coming to the island!” I’m not sure if I should laugh at this and hope he is mocking everyone who doubts them or is serious and we are all screwed.

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11 thoughts on “Its all about to change

  1. the writers joke around a lot, so i wouldnt worry about the no idea thing. i believe we will be asking questions even when the show is done, so lets hope for at least some answers…

  2. Hehe, your name Ekolocation suddenly made me associate to Eko cancellation. That would be the function of the black cloud to the left of you, I guess. 😉

  3. yeah, damon and cuse both have a dry/droll (if you a brit) sense of humor, before that his bio said he had no clue what the numbers meant, I am long time listener to their podcast as well and you pretty much learn to just deal with their dodginess and fan mocking

  4. ilieintheshadowofthestatue and I may have to battle it out for who gets to call Eko.

    If they dont start getting questions answered soon I think I may be calling all of you to grab your pitchforks and start a mob lol…especially if Indiana Jones 4 style Aliens start showing up.

  5. im a lover not a fighter and id hate to see you wrestle or catfight it out…or maybe not. you could always join forces and become iliewithClaireBlueEyesintheshadowofthestatue

    also a mob with pitchforks sounds like good old fashioned fun. count me in.

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