MIB is the rabbit

I am under the impression that the writers are trying to mislead us in regards to the root of this show. I do not think that anything happening is supernatural in nature. I think the show is going to be firmly rooted in scientific theories. Which can seem to be supernatural.

So based on that I have been really focussed on all this talk about the MIB and him being evil. I do not think he is an evil entity. I think he might be a human that has been put in a situation that has caused him to become evil. But it’s all a matter of perspective I think. Here are the statements about him and the situation that have been spoken.

-He is evil
-He will infect
-If he leaves the island everyone will go to hell
-If he leave the island every living person on the island will die
-If he leaves the island everyone (this time meaning on and off island) will cease to exist

The last one being from last nights episode. Spoken be Charles. So in my opinion when someone says someone will “cease to exist” they are not talking about death in the regular sense.

After last nights episode I was happy to see Desmond’s return. Then I was thinking about what they took Jin for. They wanted him to help make sense of the location of the pockets of energy. Somehow they are related to MIB getting off island. Desmond has had the most intimate contact with this energy when he turned the failsafe key in the hatch. Something happened to him there that made him an anomaly. No longer bound by the rules.

So here is what I have got so far. It’s crazy, but I’m sticking to my guns on this. Till the writers totally prove me wrong…

MIB is just like the rabbit from The Orchid orientation video. In the video Marvin is explaining the station is not a botanical research station. He is holding a rabbit with a “15” written on it’s side. Then something happens, he freaks out, and behind him is another “15” rabbit on a shelf. It seems to blink into existence. He yells at some co-workers to get it away from the one he is holding. I believe this shows us that two of the same entity can not exist in the same space, at the same time. Which is a common theory in sci-fi.

Then think about the Lighthouse and the mirrors. It could be that the names written around compass represent realities, and the specific person in that reality. So the island with it’s magnetic pockets of exotic material is perhaps a focal point? A place in which all possibilites can be seen.

Now imagine that MIB somehow comes in contact with the Island long ago. The island being super special as it is. Caused him to become what he is… somehow. More importantly though, makes him an anomaly and unable to return to a regular state. Perhaps he exists outside of reality, unhinged in time, unable to exist in a specific timeline. If he were to return to a timeline not of his own, he would cause a chain reaction that would destroy that reality, or perhaps all realities.

Desmond is somehow part of this. Being similar to MIB in some way? Maybe he can stop his leaving?

I can’t put it all together yet. That is what I go so far though.

Let’s hear what you think folks!

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6 thoughts on “MIB is the rabbit

  1. The part where Widmore said his daughter and Yi Jeon would cease to exist brings me back to some offseason theories.
    Where only on of the two realities can go forward. Apparently if the man in black gets off the island. The universe from seasons 1-5 will cease to exist. But is there a scenario where the FlashSideWays universe will cease to exist? What is that scenario? Maybe MIB is from the FlashSideWays universe and is trapped in the other one.

  2. as i read the first half of this theory i had an almost immediate thought about the grandfather paradox theory.. although im not sure how i want to relate it to this.. but as widmore said (as have you) that if MIB leaves the island and everyone ceases to exist then that would make it a paradox surely? so in my mind either MIB must also exist outside the island (where leaving it would cause him meeting himself and creating a paradox) or someone on the island is MIB before he came MIB and he can’t recognise himself. I know that miles has already “met” himself as a child, but that was on the island where anything can happen..
    maybe Desmond is the “other” MIB, but im purely basing this on the fact that he flashes through time and eloise has said that the island isnt finished with Des. maybe bringing Desmond to the island is one way to help prevent the paradox?
    I relate this to the fact that Widmore has twice been the person to assist in bringing Des to the island. I believe the first time (and this time i suppose) Widmore and Eloise were both involved. Eloise could see into the future (and we are not sure how far exactly) so she knew that Des had to be on the island, and Widmore obviously had contact with her (over their child) so he could easily work out a way for Des to get to the island (the boat race).

  3. I have always thought that Des would play a huge part in the end of this show…..but that specialness doesn’t jive with what Farraday’s Mom told him “pushing that button will be the only truly great thing you ever do”

  4. What a good theory. I also doubt that MIB’s just going to go on a rampage and kill everyone for no good reason when he gets off the island. To think that he will somehow rip a hole in our dimension (or whatever) just by being there is really something to think about.

  5. #3 – I think that Hawking just said that to get Desmond to comply in not buying the ring and trying to change the past by marrying Penny, otherwise, why would the island not be finished with him, his is after all the one that ‘blew up the dam’ instead of ‘just putting his finger over the hole’. Or maybe she just meant that by pushing the button and causing all the chain reactions would lead him to the only great hing he will do.

  6. You state “Desmond has had the most intimate contact with this energy when he turned the failsafe key in the hatch. Something happened to him there that made him an anomaly. No longer bound by the rules.”

    I like your theory but I just need to understand this specific bit better.

    The fact that Desmond turns the key and feels the force of the electromagnetic activity make him what he is (can see future events)? Or was he always like this???

    The reason I ask is that I remembered the Flashes Before Your Eyes episode, as it states on

    “Drowning his sorrows at a pub that night, Desmond realized that he was a day off in his prediction of the outcome of the soccer match. He heard the song, “Make Your Own Kind Of Music”, and then he watched the same goal in the television, as in the original events. Knowing that he could change his fate, he prepared to leave the bar. However, Jimmy Lennon stormed into the bar, carrying a cricket bat and looking for the bartender. Desmond, knowing that the bartender would be hit, tried to prevent the altercation from happening the way he remembered it, but was hit with the cricket bat, sending his consciousness back into the future.”

    My question is, could he see the future and alter future events because he turned the fail safe key, or was it something he was always able to do?

    Did the moment at the bar (cricket bat etc) happen before he ever experienced his time on the island (and experienced the fail safe key) or did the bar experience happen first and he can actually see the future regardless of any electromagnetism exposure?

    Im sorry if it does not make sense, but to understand Desmond, I want to understand what happened first in its timelines.

    Desmond on island futureseeing, or desmond off-island futureseeing.

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