x(4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42) = ?

(Don’t write that the equation = 108x. It’s just a title for the theory)

The variable has returned.

Faraday was wrong, the losties were not variables. Only Desmond was, because the rules do not apply to him. The losties are the constants. Any number is a constant, as the numbers in the title, and Jacob’s given numbers for the losties. The x is Desmond, and he is the ultimate factor in balancing the equation.

Since the candidates are constants, who are they constants for? I keep see-sawing between two possibilities.

1)The island. They have all time travelled (I’m assuming Jin is the candidate due to this line of thinking). And so they keep the island steady, and the one who takes over Jacob’s role becomes the main constant for the island and therefore stops ageing. They ensure the island’s safety and well being. So Flocke kills the constants, destroys the island and is free to infect the world.

2) Flocke – perhaps he is not lying and needs the candidates in order to make a safe transition off island. Without these constants he will not be able to survive on the outside world.

I’m leaning towards one. And I want to add that after getting my frustrations off my chest last week I was able to enjoy this episode without trying to be too critical. Hope I watch every episode in the mood I watched last night’s.

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I rarely get into tv shows, but as you know lost is something else. I am a daytime, weekday theorist. I usually don't check in on weekends or nights. Helps me get through the workday. favorite characters: eko (duh), desmond, miles, sayid.

14 thoughts on “x(4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42) = ?

  1. Desmond being the one true variable could also explain why he is not listed with a “constant” number on either the cave or the lighthouse. ( I may be wrong on this but from what I remember he didn’t have a number).

  2. I don’t think Hume was on the wall or lighthouse. But he was still “brought” to the island. Maybe he was Jacob’s ace in theh hole the entire time.

  3. ekolocation: Fantastic post. Though we focus at lot on Flocke, I’m a believer in the ultimate character being the Island… so I would lean towards #1. Then again, logic tells me that it’s harder for audiences to wrap their heads around an Island as a force in and of itself (though that thought process is introduced early on with the real Locke in the earlier seasons).

    I, too, have always believed that Desmond is a kind of “catalyst”… which is a word I use and I realize, is just another way to phrase variable.

    Unfortunately, I can see from the last episode Desmond will probably have to die (unless writers are throwing us off).

    ClaireBlueEyes: Good point… I kept thinking (even posted a theory) that Wallace (108 in the Lighthouse) was just another name hinting at Desmond… but I see now that even if he’s not one of the numbers, he can still be pivotal to the show, like you are saying.

    The show seems to be picking up, I think…

  4. Good stuff, ekolocation! I kept wondering all along what they meant by “the rules don’t apply to Desmond”. His name being absent (presumably) from the cave and lighthouse lists furthers this idea. Candidates perhaps cannot kill themselves or each other, not sure, but for Desmond, since he may not be on any list at all, is totally free to do anything.. which may make him a pretty dangerous and valuable weapon.

  5. Off topic a bit….but something else I keep questioning is whether or not Desmond was really one the sideways plane sitting next to Jack….he just sorta disappeared.

  6. Hi, as im in thr UK i havent seen last nights episode, but i guess Desmond was the package in Widmores sub!
    But, I know you said not to answer the equation is 108, but……
    If you are saying that Desmond is the constant/variable, dont you think its strange that the numbers add up to 108 and it was desmond who had to enter the numbers every 108 minutes! Was that a big clue staring us all in the face?!

  7. ClaireBlueEyes – I definitely think that Desmond was on the plane, i think the writers wrote that scence in a way to get the viewers invested in the FSW timeline

  8. I agree that the time travel has something to do with who’s a candidate. Remember: Sun didn’t time travel with Jack, Kate, and Hurley when the Ajira plane crashed.

  9. I like the island over MIB…but Jacob makes more sense. He touched them…he brought them there…he protects them…

    MIB cant leave unless the candidates go with him (or in my opinion die). As long as they/Jacobs constants are there…he is alive…once they are all gone, Jacob can truly die.

  10. Good post Eko…

    On the thought of constants and variables…it almost makes more sense for the losties to be the variables…they are different off island.

    Des, I feel will be the same in terms of his abilities and knowledge whether he walked on that plane or flashed there…if not…it would make sense for him to be the first person to connect with their other selves…but I really believe he will already possess the knowledge of the other timeline…it really wouldnt be a comment on your post by me without saying I have a theory ready on this subject…Ive been waiting for Des to play his role for quite some time now…

    Good thoughts here…I think this can work and the losties can still be Jacobs constants…unless of course his is simply the island…the easy answer is seemingly the correct one as of late…at least with Des being on the Sub and Widmores origin…

  11. I believe Des is a ‘catalyst’ as well. I think there are still some island dwellers then we have met, and maybe more then just Jacob, and the MIB… Maybe Jacob doesn’t need a replacement if there is a ‘catalyst’ because remember is always ENDS ONCE…

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