Missing Pieces Part 2?

I dont know if most of you have seen Lost: Missing Pieces (the short little mobisodes, you can find them on youtube) or not but I feel that if the writers dont/cant/forget to answer some of the major/popular mysteries, that they should do it through this method (or a video game, that the main writers/producers/creators write and have final cut and say so on, with all the character licenses and voice talents as well and a complete and accurate map of the island, where you can explore the hatches, turn the FDW, go back in time, and play as one of the main characters (I thought that the Lost game totally sucked and had more fun putting together those puzzles than playing it, plus it ended totally lame)). So anyway, i was wondering who also thought that was a good idea, because if enough people thought it was a good idea, I was going to start an onlione twitter petition (believe or not Damon himself (yes, his account is verified has given me a few shout outs, I think that is just the fact that out 250 or so tweets 200 are about Lost/him). so anyway, let me know what you think.

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Hi. I am an uber Lost fan. Admittedly, I jumped on the bandwagon a little late, halfway through the third season but thanks to the DVD's I am all caught up and do frequent re-watches. BTW my new image reflects my love/hate relationship with Lost. I always feel like I am on the verge of blowing up at the end of every episode because when I think I finally figured it out, nope the rug is pulled out.

4 thoughts on “Missing Pieces Part 2?

  1. Man cocoadoll, I was squinting the entire time I read this hoping I wasn’t going to read something I shouldn’t…..

    It’s a great idea though. They’re going to need to do something.

  2. now, Chief, I am offended, you know I would never post a spoiler, ever, but if I did, I would but in big bold letter that warn of spoiler potential

    Well, I predict there will be a lot of grumblings after the finale and remember Lost has the potential to still genrate big dollars in DVD sales and merchadise, so they definitely want to keep the fans happy ( and they have pretty much been pandering to the casual fans the most, thats what I have been so pissed about the last season, everything is too easy and the answer are so simple, almost like they have been reading these theory boards).

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