Unresolved issues

Hi all! I haven’t been reading (amnesty please…I just had my second baby) and I am curious if there is a list of issues that will regretably go unresolved due to production/time constraints. It is obvious that there will be some, and I think I’ll be less disappointed if I know what to expect.

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3 thoughts on “Unresolved issues

  1. Well, if you make the greedy mistake of trolling spoiler sites (which I have regretably done), you can see what issues are most likely to be resolved by the end of the series.

    I won’t go and repeat what I’ve seen, for the benefit of people who want to continue spoiler-free, but most of the “big” island stuff will be answered, as far as I know and believe.

  2. Wow I didn’t even know there were spoiler site…definitely NOT interested in that. I was thinking more about what issues Darelton have admitted they won’t resolve (Walt?) I read a bit from them about the numbers, and I think I am at peace with it!

  3. I haven’t heard or read anything saying what they definitely WON’T reveal. I’ve only read things that point out what WILL be revealed for sure, and I do a process of elimination from there in speculation, but of course there’s probably a bunch of things that will be answered that I’m not even thinking about.

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