Why does Flocke need a backpack and water?

Does someone have any theory on why Flocke is carrying around a backpack and drinks water from his water bottle so frequently?

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9 thoughts on “Why does Flocke need a backpack and water?

  1. i have thought exactly the same thing.

    considering that he is smoke, can we assume the backpack and water bottle are just smoke themselves? They are just to add to the misdirection of people on the island maybe believeing that Flocke is a person and not smokey….


  2. Could be. Or perhaps it’s real clothes in a real backpack. It seems like his T-shirt didn’t heal itself after Sayid cut it with a knife. He switched at some point from the green T-shirt to the brown shirt.

  3. I was wondering why he was chasing sun, and not “smoking” after her… he seemed really clumsy running around… and doesn’t he have telekinesis? Maybe there are rules as to when he can turn into smoke, or where the smoke can go, like how (Sawyer?) asked him why he needed a boat to get to the other island, instead of just billowing over the water…

  4. I also thought it was weird that he didn’t drink the liquor from Sawyer’s house, he just tasted a drop of it… maybe he gets dehydrated really easily 🙂

  5. If he had turned into his Smoke form when chasing Sun, it would have scared the hell out of her, don’t you think? Then once arriving to Jin in Smokey’s capture, all that Sun (and Jin) would want to do at that point is get away, which is exactly what Smokey doesn’t want.

    Smokey’s whole thing here is to have people believe him and follow him, and it seems rather hard to get people to remain calm when he’s a huge cloud of noisy smoke.

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