Aaron is infected

Written 30th March

A short theory to think about. It has a similar thread to a recent post by A.E.S.

Aaron is the Man In Black (MIB). (his mother is crazy, his mother is Claire). The MIB is infected – and can infect others.
Those others must have died, are ‘unprotected’, and have evil with them that the infection can grow from. What do I mean by ‘unprotected’? Well, I’m not exactly sure, but I can throw a thought out there for others to comment on: by unprotected I mean not baptized, or not buried with a ceremony, regardless of religion or creed, basically the soul is not ‘linked’ to the spirit world; and thus, free for the taking, becomes infected.
This is why Charlie was having the dreams about baptizing Aaron. He had to do that to protect Aaron’s soul. However, Charlie was prevented from doing this, and Aaron eventually becomes the MIB. Richard’s ‘baptism’ by Jacob protects his soul, and he can no longer be infected….
This is a random end comment, but it seems Jacob and water (holy water, etc.) have some kind of connection. Water protects his people (the pool at the temple, for instance). I think it is somehow connected to the infection and preventing it, but don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle yet…..

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