Any Aussies/Kiwis out there?

Written 1st April

I just wanted to comment on how funny it is to see old Jim Robinson as one of the main mysterious figures on Lost! I grew up watching TV in the late 80’s/90’s and when I see Widmore on screen, I just want to call him Jim 😛 Good times.

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2 thoughts on “Any Aussies/Kiwis out there?

  1. And what’s even better is that for the most part, he doesn’t even really try to hide his Aussie accent in most things he does. We are taking over film and TV 🙂

  2. Haha true, when I visited the States almost every American thought I was from England 😉 so although *we* can clearly hear his accent, maybe they thought there was no point in getting him to use an English accent because the general audience (bar those in the Southern Hemisphere & UK) will assume he is British anyway!

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